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My Special Place

Updated on July 10, 2010
The perfect spot!!!!
The perfect spot!!!!

My Place By The Sea

I go to my special place beside the sea

When all I want is to feel free

Of all this pain and uncertainty

That always seems to plague me.

My special place is a cottage

With a white picket fence

And the most beautiful garden

The eye can behold.

There are my favorite trees

And all types of different flowers

The color is vibrant

All throughout the year.

The cottage itself is a comfort zone

Within its walls, nothing can hurt me

No one can come in unless invited

I can make my special place

The only place in the world

That in which I can be truly happy.

It is the place of my dreams

Of long flowing hair and a smaller size

With not a cloud in the skies.

So serene, so peaceful

That’s where I want to be when

I go to my special place beside the sea.


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    • ashelladyhawke profile image

      Nancy 21 months ago from California

      I lost touch of my special place for many years. Now that I have found it again, I will not lose sight of it again.