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My Steps

Updated on July 24, 2013
Steps from Basso06
Steps from Basso06

My Steps

By Tony DeLorger © 2013

It is engrained deep within me to take steps at my own stride,

to breath life in a way that is mine to determine,

and to not succumb to the flow of human tides,

and fit more precisely within the periphery of my envisioned world.

Never has life contended with my resolve,

rather, I have always found a way, a direction,

but within the limits of my consciousness,

there is a balance and consequence of all projections.

What I allow myself, in belief and moral servitude,

hinders my path in ways that oppose my fundamental paradigm,

what I want and what I can justify at the beaconed call of guilt,

and the rules with which I have been guided in life.

Within this limitation I wallow in uncertainty,

assessing the fragments of my soul in extreme,

to determine what in the end I can live with in principle,

and find advantage in direct life paths, without self-condemnation.

My steps are clear and concise, by my own actions,

and yet there is still doubt as to the methods of freedom,

the ideals that I worship in the cause of a creative life,

and the expressions that I believe God given.

Perhaps I shall always live within a contentious will,

always pushing the boundaries of what I can achieve,

and by the circumstances I can accept in pursuit of them,

regardless of what I am judged in outcome.

Rocky Road from Amen Lui
Rocky Road from Amen Lui

What we do in life is governed by our moral compass and what we are prepared to do to get what we want. Without the internal struggle of conscience, we would become the animals of our ancestry. Life is therefore a endless path between the two extremes of what we want, and what we can live with to get it.


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