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My Sunny Dream

Updated on January 18, 2017

My Sunny Dream

Cold like a dead man's eye,
Wet and fear and bulging eye,
Leaves shrink, colour fade away,
The ray of hope twinkling far,
Very far away

Black is what I dont love,
To get I love, I love what I dont love,
Missing my star, my sun,
The warmth, the heat,
Oh! my dark sun

I fear losing my star
Coz I dont see ray of my star,
Deep down its the pain,
Cold Bold
Muscle molding pain

Heal the pain, connect with the moon,
Clouds there, i didnt behold the moon,
Fear I grow, the sun might leave,
Pain in the deep,
Wont it leave?

Detests my sun, questions my faith,
Answer the question, why i dont have faith?
Understood, its the devil's time
Waiting for the Ultimate king,
The Sun's time

Nature, process for light and dark,
Faster it seems for light than dark,
Sun's never leaving me, that I know,
Oh! Its cloud, the pain, and the cold
that u dont know

Light after dark
The poem's on the ultimate dark,
Hoping to get some sleep and dream
Sweet dreams I say to my eye
Sweet dreams, Oh! my sunny dream


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