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My Sweet Emerald Isle

Updated on August 20, 2017
Joetta Ripley profile image

Joetta Ripley is a inspiring poet,artist and cook. And an outdoor enthusiast, and avid book reader. Earth warrior,activist and feminist.

My Sweet Emerald Isle

Rolling luscious hills,my eyes rest upon.

The most glorious of lands I have seen.

So green they remind me of the most rarest of emeralds I've seen.

Ahh,yes when the sun at dawn appears,they sparkle.

They are the most luxurious and rarest treasures of all the lands.

For they provide you the most beautiful and bountiful harvest.

You shall be fit as a queen. The most luscious of all vegetables. Uprooted from

the moistest,darkest and richest soils.

Mmmm,can you smell it? Such a strong deep earth smell.

Joetta Ripley 2014

© 2017 Joetta Ripley


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    • Joetta Ripley profile image

      Joetta Ripley 6 months ago from Brookfield,MA USA

      Thank you

    • Thereseml profile image

      Therese 6 months ago

      Beautiful poem I loved reading it.