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My Thursday Rant

Updated on December 29, 2011

Just for the heck of it.



Not being in the best of form today, I sat down in front of the keyboard full of hope to write an inspirational piece of poetry. Instead, I have written dribble again. However, I like the dribble that I have written today, and feeling very proud of myself for getting the topic of internet relations off my chest, I am going for gold. Love it, or hate it, the internet is now a very fixed part of our lives, but are we really going in the right direction?

Can This Be Real?

From my space to your space
From my space to your space | Source

The way forward, or maybe not?

“Stop, wait a moment, take a seat I want to talk.”

Granny scratched her fading golden hair, and looked quizzically in my direction.

“All this cyber nonsense, it is a good bit after my time. If the telephone was good enough for me, I can’t see why it isn’t good enough for you, too. All this rubbish you keep talking about, cyber space and that internet thingy, just makes my blood boil. When I was a girl, it was just as easy to cycle to a friend’s house as be sat in front of a television screen all day, getting fatter, huh, whatever next. Fly to the moon? Oh yes, we already do that. If we had meant to fly, God would have given us wings.”

I smiled at my Grandma as she heaved a heavy sigh and rose from the table. How right she was; so much had changed since she was growing up. Nothing stays the same, everything was evolving, and my head was in a spin.

It was only two months ago that I first made a surprise contact. A very dear man, who quickly began to steal my heart, I had written a poem, and completely out of the blue, came a comment which has started to change my life, a lovely man from Washington DC had re-written my poem, completely changed my writing; but without losing any of the importance or impact that the poem was hoped to have. It was like receiving a bolt of lightning, how by simply changing a couple of lines around, the poem had far more quality. I was so amazed to receive such guidance, and was in awe of this man’s talent and generosity.

The internet had opened a new door. A door full of surprises and enchantment, and may I even say, a little bit of flirting too? I am not one to receive flattery very well. Or, I should say that before the internet gave life to my fingers and imagination, I didn’t receive flattery very well. Now all inhibitions a side, I began to like this new challenging world. The problem with challenges thou, is that they make you think. It is so easy to become transfixed with a fantasy world where a simple message can make your heart skip a beat. Or, a few words can make your heart race and wait in anticipation of more to come.

I have travelled down this internet line of romantic notions too many times now, and my Granny’s thoughts are finally reaching home. My friends say, “Enjoy it for what it is, go with the flow,” but I am afraid it is a case of guard your emotions or your brain, in this instance, will get fried.

Are we becoming a new race of people where our busy, hectic lifestyles, makes us chase light beams in the sky? Or are we too busy writing and enjoying a fantasy world to neglect the necessary things in life, such as touch and smell and the light you can see in someone’s eyes.

Of course, the internet has opened doors of opportunity the world wide. It has allowed us all, who enjoy writing to share our talent and thoughts with other people, who are like minded. It has shown me a way of perfecting my ability to write, for which I will be forever grateful, but it has also deceived me more times than enough.

This is just a thought, but have we really forgotten the attraction of the spoken word? I truly hope not, the idea of turning into a bookworm or even more, a cyber worm, frightens the britches off me.

Please leave me your thoughts; hopefully, this old brain of mine still has inkling to learn the old way. What about you?

To surf or not to surf

Have you ever loved in an internet relationship?

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    • profile image

      femmeflashpoint 6 years ago

      Wait a minute ....

      What is Sunnie talking about regarding the Big Banana Phone???

      Sorry, I have a pic in my mind of Sunnie talking with a banana to her ear ... it's pretty funny, lol.

      I'd have hung on to the banana phone. ;)


    • Jools99 profile image

      Jools99 6 years ago from North-East UK

      Good hub. Since I discovered HubPages I have been pretty glued to my laptop. I have put weight on cos I'm too lazy to get out of my chair and my housework is getting badly neglected (like I care!) but Sunnie is right -it's all about finding a balance. I'm going to set myself a time limit for browsing and start re-doing some other stuff.

    • mary615 profile image

      Mary Hyatt 6 years ago from Florida

      I used to watch TV, read the newspaper, and read books. I do none of that now. I spend my time on HubPages, reading, reading, commenting, etc. Love it though!

    • Genna East profile image

      Genna East 6 years ago from Massachusetts, USA

      I don't have any real expereince about people meeting others through the Net; some say it works while others list a litany of complaints. Perhaps it follows real life meetings and dating?

      I value what the Net has to offer; it is an important part of my life to a certain degree, but I stubbornly draw the line at texting and tweeting. I prefer phone voice, writing letters in long hand and, as Sunnie says, striving for that balance.

      Interesting hub!

    • profile image

      femmeflashpoint 6 years ago


      Very cool article.

      I have several close friends who have been happily married for quite some time now ... to people they met on the internet. :)


    • always exploring profile image

      Ruby Jean Fuller 6 years ago from Southern Illinois

      I must admit, I haven't read a book since joining Hubpages. I know i spend too much time on the computer. I think we all get attached to people on line. I know i do. I have always been a fitness freak and until this past week, i haden't been on my treadmill for months, but i said, " Ruby you have got to get your butt up and move. " So thank goodness i did. HaHa I will admit that i prefer touch over typing, if you know what i mean? Hee..I enjoyed your rant..I agree with Granny..Cheers My Friend..

    • profile image

      Sunnie Day 6 years ago

      "This is just a thought, but have we really forgotten the attraction of the spoken word? I truly hope not, the idea of turning into a bookworm or even more, a cyber worm, frightens the britches off me."

      One more thing Net if you dont mind..this is how I felt when Texting came along..I had to give up my big banana phone because I got tired of the sneering in the grocery line..but I do think we have to keep a hand on our surroundings that are living and is so easy to get lost in the cyber world...and it does not warm our cold feet on very cold night..

      Love ya,


    • marcoujor profile image

      Maria Jordan 6 years ago from Jeffersonville PA

      Girlfriend, Annette,

      Even when you 'rant', you get us all thinking... so thank you, as always, for that!

      While I would not pretend to understand your specifics, I guess your writing provoked the following thoughts.

      We are always going to have some kind of technology for "Granny" to talk about. People are always going to meet people. Things can click on a blind date or fail miserably (or somewhere in the middle). I can see where the same thing would apply with an internet relationship, especially where there is, perhaps greater chance for deception/ distortion. Oh, that communication -- much work and worth it, if it is meant to be. If not, baby, you have yourself, always a sure and wonderful bet!!

      Both this and you are voted UP & ABI. Love, Maria

    • Cardisa profile image

      Carolee Samuda 6 years ago from Jamaica

      Being 40 I kinda grew up with the internet from the 90s when it was dial up, so I would feel out of place without the internet today. I guess for most people like grandma who aren't quite familiar with the working of it may feel a little out of sorts. My grandpa though that computer viruses were infectious to so I had a similar person to deal with. I would feel like the last 20 years I have been using the internet was a myth if I lost it now, and that's half my life!

    • profile image

      Sunnie Day 6 years ago

      Wow have said so much and many thoughts i have had lately...the trick is how to break the cycle and have a balance...I am yearning for balance...thank you for your honesty! Hugs... sunnie

    • thebluestar profile image

      Annette Donaldson 6 years ago from Northern Ireland

      mljdgulley, my partner would take his computer to bed with him if he could get away with it lol He is just addicted to the games. I use the internet to help my revision of topics that I know little about. Today, having been struck down by my own stupidity again, I just felt the need to rant. I am sure that many other people have been in the same boat as I, and I hope that some of them will share their courage to admit that we all make mistakes. Thank you for commenting.

    • thebluestar profile image

      Annette Donaldson 6 years ago from Northern Ireland

      Billjordan, thank you so much for stopping by my little space in Hub Land. I am occasionally known for discussing controversial topics, but that is not always the way I intend to set out writing. I have just written from my heart today about I topic that I am curious about.

    • mljdgulley354 profile image

      mljdgulley354 6 years ago

      I have trouble staying at my computer for very long but I do know those who can practically live at the computer. I have to get up and move either walking around the house or outside. I also need physical contact with people. I like your hub. voted up

    • Billjordan profile image

      William Jordan 6 years ago from Houston

      I like it too.