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My Time Machine

Updated on October 21, 2019
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When Theresa writes non-fiction, it is always somehow related to an event or something that touched her personal life in some manner.

Is Time Travel Possible?

Time machine? Yes; you read it correctly. Time travel is possible! Why would I lie to you, my beloved readers? I'm confessing to all who read that since childhood I've been transported to other countries and time periods, and traveled to the most remote nations of the world. I can do anything, go anywhere, be anyone with my trusted time machine.

Time fantasy CC0 Public Domain
Time fantasy CC0 Public Domain | Source

I've Lived a Thousand Lives

My time machine is my passport to experiencing new and different adventures in this life that I would have otherwise never been able to experience.

My dear Mother provided me with plenty of fuel to be able to take off on such adventures in my time machine. Yes, she knew of these same adventures in her childhood and beyond, and desired that I experience the same. You see, time travel is known to others.

What's even more fantastical than all of that, is when I return to a particular time travel adventure as an adult, it becomes an entirely different adventure and experience of understanding. How cool!

Often my intentions were to return to that fantasy place of my childhood where I met, in one instance, interesting persons of wee stature and then quite to the contrary I experienced life from the perspective of a small person in a world of people of formidable stature, which was terrifying at times. I know, I know, it sounds way out there, but I'm not making this up. I even experienced being shipwrecked on wondrous islands.

After a particular adventure through time ended, I seemed to return home with a maturity I had not known, maybe even an uncommon wisdom.

Time, girl, vintage CC0 Public Domain
Time, girl, vintage CC0 Public Domain | Source

Once I was captivated after meeting a gentle knight (in his own mind) and his servant. Oh, how I so enjoyed their conversations. I still identify with the knight to this day for his quest to destroy injustice. I am a bit of an idealist it seems. Although he regards himself as God's knight, he tends to follow his own will, which is true to our human condition.

What is so brilliant to understand is that this gentle knight and his servant, after all of their adventures, but not because of their adventures, know exactly who they are in this life. I learned a lot of what true friendship looks like on this time travel adventure, as well as valour and chivalry. At times, though, the cruelty they suffered, both physical and mental, was extreme and difficult to handle.

Time, Dancing CC0 Public Domain
Time, Dancing CC0 Public Domain | Source

My Insatiable Appetite for Life, Love, People and Adventure

I've been so intrigued with my time travel experiences, for so many of the interesting characters I've met I have come to regard as close, personal friends, come what may. Because of my extended time with them all during a time travel adventure, I was able to get to know them and even get inside their heads.

I've experienced life and overwhelming emotions through their heartaches, tears, despair, triumphs, rejoicing, fears, struggles and love.

Vintage Face, Woman, Lady 1920 CC0 Public Domain
Vintage Face, Woman, Lady 1920 CC0 Public Domain | Source

The Roaring Twenties

I have always been fascinated with the time period from 1920 to 1929, referred to as "The Roaring Twenties" or even the "Jazz Age", and so I just had to time travel back to that era. In my mind I thought of Flapper girls, with their bobbed hair, shimmering clothing, listening and dancing to fabulous jazz music at glitzy parties. What fun, so I thought.

Boy, oh boy, the parties thrown in the big cities and on Long Island here in the U.S. were certainly "roaring" with all of the glitz and glamour of the day, at least for some of the young people.

Yes, there was all of that, yet, sadly, it seems those super rich who experienced such, may have been living far from the reality of the world around them in their commercialism and all of their "stuff". Those I met on my time travel journey in the 1920s seemed to be tragic souls, searching for the one love that would never be, while deceit was the norm. My mind kept contemplating how basic human morals were seemingly thrown out the window with all the philandering going on. Then there was the criminal element of bootlegging and all that it entails.

My eyes were opened to what happens when the country's wealth more than doubles and, at times, it is a bit unsettling. Much of society became affluent and with unexpected growth as a consumer society. Actually, it resembled today's times with its same struggles and consumerism.

Since my eyes have been open to the lifestyle of the super rich of the 1920s, and seeing what an artificial world they lived in with so much unhappiness despite all of their wealth, certainly makes me appreciate my rather ordinary life that much more.

Follow me up to my Time Machine

Books can lead us to so many places! CC0 Public Domain
Books can lead us to so many places! CC0 Public Domain | Source

Unlimited Adventures

I can be anyone I want, even a young patriot during the American Revolution. If I desire, I could experience crossing the Great Plains in a covered wagon as a pioneer. Even more exciting, I could (despite being a girl) experience being a ship captain, mutineer and society girl, all in one time travel adventure!

My Time Machine

My Time Machine CC0 Public Domain
My Time Machine CC0 Public Domain | Source

Remain Calm

After it’s been a few days (or maybe a few hours) since I've finished one of my time travel adventures fueled by a book, I tend to feel a bit strange. I try to remain calm after the flood of endorphins are released into my brain during a time travel adventure.

Oh, no ...that strong craving is coming back fast and I must refuel to satisfy that craving for adventure!

Here I go once again, off to refuel at my favorite used bookstore.

Time to head out to my time machine filling station!

Wild and Homeless Books
Wild and Homeless Books | Source

You Might be a Bibliophile if ...

* You are a book lover

* You find it impossible to leave a bookstore without buying at least one book

* You have a huge collection of books

* You love nothing more than browsing in a used book shop or a library

* You have a love of books or a deep knowledge about them

* You consider a book to be your true friend

Time to Refuel

Bookstore CC0 Public Domain
Bookstore CC0 Public Domain | Source

Please Take a Moment to Answer the Poll

Do you believe you are a Bibliophile?

See results

Books are True Friends

The earliest use of the word bibliophile was in 1820s France, and it came from the Greek prefix biblio, or "book," and the word philos, or "friend."

Avid readers everywhere understand perfectly the concept of a book being a true friend, for the book is always there, patiently and quietly waiting for you to pick it back up at any given time. This true friend is the wisest of teachers. I can't imagine going through this life, even for one day, without reading you, my true friend, the book!

Books are uniquely portable magic.

— Stephen King

My Children and Grandchildren Have Enjoyed Time Travel Too!

Alice in Wonderland Book, Girl,  Fantasy CC0 Public Domain
Alice in Wonderland Book, Girl, Fantasy CC0 Public Domain | Source

A Mad Hatter's Tea Party

Click thumbnail to view full-size
Granddaughters at a Mad Hatter's Tea PartyThe Mad HatterGranddaughter Lily with bunny at Mad Hatter's Tea PartyThe Queen of HeartsLily's Sweet Tea Cup at Mad Hatter's Tea Party
Granddaughters at a Mad Hatter's Tea Party
Granddaughters at a Mad Hatter's Tea Party | Source
The Mad Hatter
The Mad Hatter | Source
Granddaughter Lily with bunny at Mad Hatter's Tea Party
Granddaughter Lily with bunny at Mad Hatter's Tea Party | Source
The Queen of Hearts
The Queen of Hearts | Source
Lily's Sweet Tea Cup at Mad Hatter's Tea Party
Lily's Sweet Tea Cup at Mad Hatter's Tea Party | Source

Every child should experience the fantasy world, Wonderland, where they meet new and interesting friends like no other. Those new characters and friends ...Alice, Mad Hatter, White Rabbit, Caterpillar, Jabberwock, Cheshire Cat, the Queen of Hearts and so many more, will forever be remembered.

Although going to, and participating in, a live presentation of the Mad Hatter's Tea Party is a lot of fun, nothing ever compares to reading the book!

Well, no need for further explanation on this one.

A children's story that can only be enjoyed by children is not a good children's story in the slightest.

— C.S. Lewis
My granddaughter enjoying her adventures with Kylie and Teddy and meeting all of their new friends while walking in the woods. I also enjoy these friends and taking walks in the woodlands together.
My granddaughter enjoying her adventures with Kylie and Teddy and meeting all of their new friends while walking in the woods. I also enjoy these friends and taking walks in the woodlands together. | Source

Just to name a few of my close, personal friends from long ago, Gulliver, Don and Sancho, Pippi, who reminds kids that living isn’t just school lessons and homework; Jesse and Leslie, who allowed me to enter their imaginary world, and Harriet, who may just be misunderstood in her self-centeredness.

I remember my son as a child enjoying the wondrous adventures of Huckleberry Finn, as did I. A child who starts out his or her life with Mark Twain is off to a great start!

I even have a Little Prince as a friend, who has taken me to different worlds where I learned of a wonderful secret in this life, which is very simple. "It is only with one's heart that one can see clearly. What is essential is invisible to the eye." I learned a lot about human nature on each planet.

In High School, I enjoyed rereading The Little Prince in French in my French class. I doubt I could read it in French at this time in my life, for I have not spoken French since those days, when my plans in life involved traveling the world. What am I talking about ...for I have traveled the world via my time machine!

If you have a child who wants to grow up to be a writer, then a must read is I Capture the Castle by Dodie Smith. Cassandra will become your best friend and guide. She somehow gets into your own internal voice right away.

I could go on and on, but I think you understand perfectly.

My falling apart Women's Devotional Bible.
My falling apart Women's Devotional Bible. | Source

The Best Book I've ever Read

After reading God's Word, the Holy Bible, I came to know my Lord and Savior, Jesus, through a personal and intimate relationship with Him. God revealed so much of His true character to me through my NIV Women's Devotional Bible. By far, it's the best book I've ever read that changed my life forever.

Although it is now falling apart, it is still my favorite Bible, for I've made notes on certain passages, and it just feels right in my hands. It's helped me through some of the toughest times in my life, along with the most triumphant of times. I love to claim all of His promises He has bestowed upon us, which can be found right here in His Word.

Has Reading a Book Ever Changed Your Life?

If there is a particular book you've read that has had a major impact on your life, please share in the comments section below.


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