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My Today, Today - The 1st (Soon to be heading off)

Updated on June 1, 2014

What are you talking about?

Today I am going to talk about a journey I am soon to take, what I am leaving behind, and what I am hoping to get when I get to where I am going to - that's literal, not something mystical and oblique.

I still need to pack my bags and check in online but, I do have a few words to say before I do just that.

The Trip and the reason for the return?

I have been in Canada now for just under three months and I am soon to be heading back to Europe - it is nice, as an English person to actually say that without sounding like a fool.

When I say Europe, I mean Germany. I have to say that I am quite looking forward to returning as definitely this last month here has been very very trying and it has seemed to have gotten a lot worse the closer to the return flight I get.

The main problem for me here is that I have had a very hard time sleeping. In the best times of not sleeping - if there is something - I just couldn't sleep, which is really annoying. Most of the time though I was being woken up by something.

"Something you say?" Yes, let me elaborate. I have probably mentioned it before but here we go, it is quite simple. Next to the apartment I am in, and on the ground floor, lives a man with three dogs.. Do I need to say any more?

This guy thinks it is fine to let his dog bark at any hour of the day or night out in his garden. Now, it is not one bark, once.. or even three or four barks, once. The dogs bark at will, and at anytime they feel like. And these are not little yappy dogs, they are big. It is all made worse when the weather gets warmer. Even with closed windows, the dogs barks wake me up.

I have tried to get my girlfriend to contact the council or animal control or someone. But she doesn't. I would myself, but I do not speak French.

Such a simple solution to a huge problem. I suspect I have had about 10 or 12 nights of decent sleep in three months. Most nights I am lucky if I get five hours.

I am so tired. My stomach is killing me. I get chest pains due to stress - not a bad heart. and I look terrible.

It amazes me the way people will do a million things for you but cannot do a simple thing to help - even when it starts to impact them and their apartment.


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