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My Top Five Blogs That Have Riled People Up

Updated on November 11, 2009

When I began the blog in 2006 I wanted to of course entertain people (and get discovered and become rich and famous). I also wanted to sort of shock while I was amusing so there have been numerous times when I’ve written a blog entry from a sort of “Devil’s Advocate” type position just to rile people up. Well last night two new comments were added to some of my older entries and it got me starting to think about my top 5 blogs that have riled people up – Don’t Get Me Started!

I went through all of the 1600 comments that have been left on my blogs (okay, so maybe I just scanned them) and while some may disagree, here are the ones that have made me giggle. You can click on the blog links below and then scroll down to the bottom to read the comments. Hi-Larious!

1.       Do Not Go Sleeveless After Forty Just Trust Me On This One

When I originally wrote this one it was because a dear friend of mine had told me a story of her going out on the town in a sleeveless dress only to discover later that with the weight she had put on and her arms looking huge, that she realized she shouldn’t have worn sleeveless anything. In discussing that I was also talking about gays who are in their fifties but are still trying to look like models from Ambercrombie and Fitch when they just look sad. I got one guy so riled up on this one, defending his mother’s right to wear sleeveless stuff after forty that I had to write him a blog all his own. Here’s an excerpt from his comments, “ ew. To forbid anyone on anything other than a shop for teens is..ew. women’s bodies are different & all people have their little problem areas that they’re self-consious of. For you set an age limit on sleeveless shirts is ridiculous. Go on case by case basis. I would hate to be your friend. No one should trust you.” Click below to read Joe Must Be A Good Gay Son…

2.       Gay Baby Names

This blog was inspired by some pals having a son as well as a fascination I have with gay men who seem to find every way possible to “gay up” their name even more than it is. This remains the number one read blog of mine (I think usually straight parents find it in a search on the Internet as they’re looking for non-gay names to name their kids) but the responses have been really fun to read. My favorite comment was one that really seemed to have nothing to do with the blog itself but how it made me howl, “My name is steve and I am a homosexual”

3.       It Is Good To Be The King Gayle King Oprah Pal

The millions and billions of loyal Oprah and Gayle fans certainly let me have it. The amazing thing is that some people agreed with my point of view on this one…big time! Here’s my fave, and may I say that there apparently needs to be spell check for a lot of people…and therapy! “Oprah is the lucky one to have a friend that stick to her all those years and they remind friends for a long time. Do you think its easy to have a friend like Oprah? Properly not, because people like you are always judging if.”

And now for the two blogs that received the comments last night that made this blog possible.

4.       What If I Don’t Want To Have A Blessed Day

Oh boy did this one get me in some trouble but I loved every minute of it. People were as voracious in me having a “Blessed Day” as a junkyard dog with a piece of meat. I love when the self-proclaimed religious or spiritual people get so full up of the Jesus that they almost attack you with their “love” and persistence all the while telling you that they know how much Jesus is dying to be my friend. My favorite part of one was, “I do it because of the huge and continuing blessings I have been given by the Lord Jesus Christ. I do it because I can. You can reject it or get angry, that is not my problem. So Be Blessed!” How kind of him to bless me in spite of myself! Whatever.

5.       Men, Let’s Leave The Ascot To Mr. Howell From Gilligan’s Island, Shall We?

Sometimes the latest fashion craze makes me want to puke. I’ve often written that I think there are some gay men’s designers who are just trying to get back at the straight boys who beat them up in school so they create these looks that are so gay, market them correctly and the next thing you know you can’t walk down a street without seeing a straight guy who paid way too much for a t-shirt with rhinestones on it that would normally sell on the Bob Mackie QVC hour. Having said that this was the comment that cracked me up, “You are one disgusting human being. I think I’ll go and throw up now. Echhhhhhhhhhh.”

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    • babynology profile image

      babynology 4 years ago from New York

      I have really enjoyed following article. Well done my friend well done.