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Short Poems Number 1

Updated on June 5, 2016

You Are My Sunshine

This morning when I awoke

the sun peered through my window,

and I felt so alive.

You reached over towards me

and there you kissed me,

you gave me more life.

The warmth of your body next to me,

gives me a heartbeat

filled with love.

the smell of your sweet body,

opens thoughts to my own secret garden.

The sun peered through my window

this morning when I awoke,

I felt so aline -

because you are truely my sunshine

Dear Father

Dear Father I look up to you

for working all of your life,

and helping mother bring me up on the right side -

through all of our troubles and strife.

Dear Father you are so gentle and kind,

and so special to me in every way.

And you are never ever far from my mind

as I think of you with each and every new day.

But now all grown up and with memories deep,

although left home and miles apart.

All of these treasures I get to keep,

because Dear Father -

You are still in my heart.

Nature's Love

The birds are singing

they call your name.

the blossom is in full bloom

I smell your presence.

The sun is shining through my window

I feel your warmth

With all this nature around me

I am closer to you than you think.

An Angel Looks Over

It was a cool summer's evening

I was sitting in the garden

with my partner.

On the patio we both sat on the swing chair

arms around each other.

As she started to fall asleep in my arms

I saw a bright light in the sky.

Brighter than anything I had seen before.

My body felt at peace

and my mind relaxed

as I was transfixed on this wonderful light.

I held my partner tight and whispered

I love you - things will be fine.

I then gave her one more kiss on the forehead

when I once again looked up towards the heavens.

It was then that I realised

that this was no ordinary light

This was our Angel looking over us.

Losing Love

You used to say you loved me

you used to say you cared,

your love for me was very strong

of that i'm now aware.

And yet you turned and left me

to find somebody new,

you give to them what you gave to me

how can you say you were true?

You just dont know what love is

and how it breaks your heart,

when the one you love has left you

and you feel like you're miles apart.

But although I miss you

day by day

and my feelings for you are still true,

the words that are still locked in my mind

is my darling, I still love you.

A Partner's Love

To look for your partner's soul

look through their eyes.

To look for their love

look towards their heart.

To look for their warmth

look for their caring nature.

to look for their presence

look to seek their smile.

To look for their strength

is to find a shoulder to lean on.

To look for all of these

is a journey

to discover love, peace and harmony.

To find them all is heavenly bliss


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