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University of California, Irvine

Updated on August 28, 2014

Why UC Irvine?

Why did I choose UCI?

I ask myself often. Quite honestly, I sometimes regretted it. Let's face it. UC Irvine is the youngest University California system around the region.

UCI ranges from 40th to 50th in the national university ranking, always trailing UCLA and UC Berkeley.

I didn't consider Berkeley seriously when I looked for universities, because I have a job to take care of here. Leaving LA metropolitan wasn't the option at the time.

With my perfect GPA, I did pride myself on choosing any school I wanted, or so I thought. It's all about me, nothing else. The decision should be my own.

Another thing was, I just didn't like the idea of competing in super competitive environment.

Now you may guess my lifestyle, laid-back, relaxed, and easy.

It's all about Irvine

It's Irvine. The city of Irvine that took me to the suburban adventure.

It may look very silly, but if you are living in LA metropolitan, you will understand how I feel about LA and why I am so adamant about fleeing LA.

Yeah, I admit this is categorically a discrimination. But I can't help it. What terrified me about gping to UCLA was like that I was having an affair with an enemy; I really hate LA as a city.

I wouldn't live in LA even if I get paid for it.

Don't share my bias too readily however. LA is a big civilized city. Los Angeles is a city of variety, as expected, teeming with life and cultural exoticism. A place where all races from the different origins interwove the metropolitan web.

It is a charm for many. Only it ain't cut out for me.

The City of Ideal: Irvine

I love the city of Irvine. That's it.

I am tired of LA, and my discrimination against LA stays as it is.

One of my classmate said he doesn't like the kind of attitudinal cockiness he feels from Irvine, but I as equally recoiled from the shabbiness that LA poises.

Packed with people and cars, LA always made me terrified by its savageness. Having lived in LA metropolitan for years, I never got over a sense of alienated life form that LA portrays.

It's like a foreignness like India. It harbors the vibrant life underneath and struggle for tomorrow, and it's a truthfulness of life maybe.

I know how the night of Irvine looks a ghost town and sometimes I feel it's void of people, and suffocated by its modernity and dehumanized civilization.

But I love Irvine even if the immaculate face of the city may mean less human-like. And there stands UCI like a city tower that calls out the simple minded to its opulence.

UCI: The School of Tranquility

UC Irvine is not a school of parties, hippies, or elitism. Some complains that UCI is too mellow unlike UC Santa Barbara or UC San Diego.

Perhaps UCI is too uneventful but I like the way UCI is right now. I hate party schools. If you like wild parties and are looking for an opportunity to sow your wild oats, go to UC Santa Barbara or UC San Diego.

If you are looking for a racially balanced school, go to UCLA. UCI is demographically an Asian-dominated school. But nothing really Asian like at all

If you are particularly sensitive in being minority, UCLA may be the better choice.

I always hope for UCI to take the character of the city of Irvine. My ideal on UCI is that we may not beat UC Berkeley or UCLA in ranking, but we beat them all by the city on which it was founded.

That is a great asset to UCI.

Vote for fun

Of what does UCI remind you the most?

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