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My Uncle Alvin Reed

Updated on March 23, 2015

Uncle Alvin

My Uncle Alvin Reed

This is a picture of Uncle Alvin Reed. He was in the Korean War. When he got out of the army. He brought home an army rifle to Grandma Mary, his mother, as a souvenir. And grandma wasn’t afraid to bring it out, on those “special occasions” when she thought any of the boyfriends, of daughters, were getting a little too out hand, when they came to visit her daughters.

He Didn't bit her tongue

Family members used say that, my Aunt Inez, didn’t “bite her tongue” (say exactly what she thought of you". Well her role model was Grandma Mary, who didn’t “bite her tongue” and would pull-out that Army rifle in “hot” second! All of her daughter boyfriends respected “Mrs. Reed” because they knew she didn’t play! But I digress.

Vague Memories

I have vague memories of Uncle Alvin. My mom, me, my brothers James and Jody (George Willie), my sister Shirley Ann, my Aunts Theresa, Essie, Bertha and Louise, all lived in a downstairs flat, In Ecorse MI, until I was about ten years old. So when Uncle Alvin would come to visit, he would have to sleep in a “roll-away bed” with me and my brother James by the front door. I remember he used to snore really loud!

Uncle Alvin's Death

This next part of the story was told to me by my mother, Dorothy, Uncle Alvin’s sister. Uncle Alvin was said to able to, whup three or four guys, at a time. He “went for bad” and had a reputation as somebody you didn’t want to mess with.

Uncle Alvin used to hang out in bars and on one of these occasions, he was attacked by four or five of his enemies, and was stabbed 25 or 30 something times.

My mother went to see him in the hospital. Her nickname was “skinny”. She said he told her “Skinny I think I’m going to make it”….and he didn’t. He died as a result of multiple stabs wounds. I don’t think they ever found out exactly who the perpetrators were. So anyway the end of the story.

African Americans In The Korean War


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    • Jay C OBrien profile image

      Jay C OBrien 

      3 years ago from Houston, TX USA

      From the standpoint of the individual, there was no reason to fight in the Korean (or any other) War. War does bad things to your psyche. Perhaps that is why Uncle Alvin went to bars, drank and got into fights. It is best not to enmesh yourself into wars or fighting of any kind. Learn to walk away.

      I also had an Uncle Alvin who died in WWII. He was a Navy pilot who crashed while landing on his ship. Perhaps pilots have less emotional problems than the Army because pilots are more removed from the situation.

      I wonder whether generals ever think about how many people they plan to kill?


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