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My Vision of Reality

Updated on March 11, 2014
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My Vision of Reality

By Tony DeLorger © 2104

Given my propensity for clarity, I strive for definitive ends,

resolutions that satisfies a mind breached by a delusional world,

ever poised to veil my attempts to qualify truth,

and the struggle ensues, me against the nature of human thought.

How I long for a non-contentious mind, accepting denial as a common breath,

but I share no such alleviation from the sting of reality,

and deep in my soul, I know the act of ignorance within attained knowledge,

is a treasonous offence in the deliberations of my being.

So encumbered by my truths I traverse the baron landscape,

vying for company in my self-obsessed sojourn,

but rarely finding a soul willing to deny the denial

that keeps us at arms distance from harsh realities.

Insight can be a burden, especially when it strips bare the self,

standing raw and naked in light, shadows lost to a past life,

and in thought and action creating yet another pathway into unknown circumstance,

always pushing boundaries, stretching belief and testing endurance.

As time imparts its tender caress, or perhaps its slightly more severe impact,

I choose to ease my pressured mind to accept the flow of opened doorways,

that always seem to exceed my preparedness to just accept without question,

and in that I am grateful, for a small mercy.

Centred I must remain, to stay upright on this swaying, unstable landscape,

and to keep focussed on what I can change rather than what I can't,

for all I know is what is laid at my feet: recognised, sighted, touched and felt,

because in the end, this is my reality alone.

Reality can never be one thing, it is a personal experience.


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