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My Wattpad Account

Updated on August 6, 2016

Some people are scared of the darkness, some aren't.

Some people are entitled of their own opinion, tastes of beauty and characters. They know themselves too well and thus they have enough strength to show off what they have, afterall, we speak up when we know enough. But some people just doesn't have enough of everything but have less of nothing, but then everything starts from nothing though all of the time nothing is just nothing.

And most of the time most people had enough of being just nothing, they have the need to show up, but no, not within them, so they create something out of another dimension. In this dimension there are a lots of nothing that had become everything. And if they become one with those. Then born another story, another idea and everyone will notice that every little things matters. Either big or small, they have same bases and come from one, THE ONE.

We join to be our other self and not anybody's. No can control our own minds but itself.



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