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My Weary Heart

Updated on May 20, 2013

My heart grows weary with passing time,

So I sit here searching for words that rhyme,

To ease my soul and brighten my day,

In a strange but wonderful way,

I wonder at times will things alway be like this,

Missing out on all the happiness and bliss,

I just want one thing to make my life complete,

So all of this sadness does not repeat,

But I still have my hopes and my dreams,

So things aren't nearly as dark as they seem,

Maybe one day I will find what I seek,

And have the courage to stand up and speak,

To say all the things I need to say,

To the person I want to tell in the worst way,

My hopes and my dreams are all I have to hold on to,

While I patiently sit here and wait for you.


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