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My Wife-in-Law

Updated on January 27, 2010

Wife-in-Law is the term for the woman who really has your man

Who he loves and wants and is dedicated to no matter what your plan

Wife-in-Law gets holidays

While you spend dinner all alone

Wife-in-Law gets to share his life

While you wait patiently at home

Wife-in-Law knows you exist

But she really doesn't care

Wife-in-Law pulls all the strings

She knows he'll always be there

Wife-in-Law is not a great beauty

but she beautiful to him

Wife-in-Law is not a vixen

But she's comfortable in her skin

Wife-in-Law will let you borrow him

So her body can get a rest

Wife-in-Law gets his paycheck

When you're financially stressed

Wife-in-Law will watch him leave

Even when his bags are packed

Wife-in-Law doesn't even stress it

She know that he'll be back

Wife-in-Law will stand the test of time

Until he's too tired to run

Wife-in-Law will care for the kids

She is his number one

Wife-in-Law doesn't care what you think

Cause wifey always knows

Wife-in-Laws retire in comfort

While you retire to homes for OLD HOES


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    • profile image

      Solo 6 years ago

      Nothing but truth

    • profile image

      Solo 6 years ago

      Nothing but truth

    • Avonmom profile image

      Avonmom 7 years ago from USA