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My World: Dream or Reality

Updated on December 28, 2014

In My World

I have nothing to fear

From my past or

the future years.

Nothing to hold me down

Like a heavy gold chain

that weighs a pound.

My world

is full of happiness.

Not a single person

is full of sadness.

No pain, no hurts.

No drinking with jerks.

But this is only

in my dreams.

In my world

there’s only peace.

No weapons, no war,

not even police.

No rapist, no druggist,

no evil sins,

To break the circle of

God’s grin.

But that’s a dream and

I am living in a reality.

In my world

there are plays, music,

and dances

with instruments, singers,

and professional dancers.

There are kisses and hugs

and lots of love,

and plenty of romances.

These belong in both

our worlds.

Food For Thought

1) Can you image a world where people just get along? Where crime, war, or murder no longer exist?

2) What would you do, if we was at peace with everyone?

3) Would peace overall better for our planet? Or would it be more harmful?

4) Can you name a few advantages or disadvantages for living in peace?

5) With so many different opinions, ideology, theories, status and cultures, is peace possible?


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