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My World Is...

Updated on October 4, 2013

My world has a population of 3,820 and it is large.

My world has: mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles, nieces and nephews, lovers and friends, plants and pets, music and sports, businesses and schools, and even teachers. From the outside, you see my world as small and lacking in life and dignity. You see rednecks and pregnant teens. I see that too.

I also see love and trust; a place where doors can stay unlocked. I see a place where people are usually nice and children are loved. I see a place where families can grow old and children can play in the yard; parents don't have to fear that they will be another casualty to gang violence. In my world, students know where all of their teachers live and it doesn't matter. The teacher's houses and cars don't get vandalized or robbed. My world isn't nearly as small as yours.

I did not make or take this photo. I found it online.
I did not make or take this photo. I found it online.

My world has a large high school with a student body of 600+. Though many wanted them, we didn't have Advanced Placement classes; we barely had honors classes, but we were a big school. Every teacher knew every student by name. I can still rattle off the name of every member of my graduating class. We didn't have a football team. We had an amazing band and the top girl and boy basketball teams in the state. Our baseball and softball teams were quite successful; the tennis and golf teams were pretty good too. Our school was huge. One of those small, student body of 7,000+, schools lacks the beauty that my school has in just one classroom. Those small schools don't have a prayer when compared to my world's school.

When I look at my world, I see open fields that house only the wind. My world has farmland that lodges beautiful, powerful animals. The sweet and tangy scent of freshly harvested corn fills the air around harvest time. Fields of soy beans and cow pastures can be sighted in many directions. My world is a place where I can look toward the stars nightly and actually see the stars. Our water sources are pure. We don’t have chemical plants that pollute the lakes, ponds and rivers.

Where you see a small town, I see the intricate details that create my beautiful world.

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