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My Worst Nightmare Science fiction

Updated on November 29, 2012

As I opened my eyes to an unfamiliar room my body immediately stiffen.I felt the cool temperature of the room and my eyes struggled to focus on the dim light that was right above my head.I noticed a weird looking man in a lab coat.I opened my mouth to speak but something was in my mouth,a sock maybe.All that came out was stiffled moans.Hearing this,a strange man came over to where I was.I tried to get up but my hands were tied and my feet was strapped on a table that I was laying on.He touched my face and said with pity "my dear,trying to escape is of no use to you." I looked at him in confusion and then he introduced himself to me.His name was Dr.Moscow and he does experiments on the human body.His lab was based underground and I assumed that's where I was being held .I noticed he had a scalpel in one of his hands and as I fixed my eyes on it he immediately put it down on the next table.

He told me to take a good look around the place because soon I would not be able to see or hear anything.I assumed I would be dead.He was planning to disectt me for my body parts so he could do his research and experiments. I looked at my body and noticed I was naked.He probably undressed me while I was unconscious. There was an "X" on my abdominal cavity and my thoratic cavity was marked with a "Y" in blue ink.I wondered what that meant.I then looked around the room more intently and noticed there was a table with body parts on it.I gasped in horror as I looked at someone's visceral organs.My body started to shiver in fear as I tried to understand the horror that was happening to me .Dr.Moscow then came back over to where I was.This time he was on the phone talking to someone.He leaned over me and placed little circles on my left upper quadrant,right upper quadrant,left lower quadrant ,and right lower quadrant.He then untied me and left the room.He was still on the phone.I got up immediately looking desperately to find a way out of that dreaded hell hole.

I walked around frantically trying to figure out where there might be an exit besides the door that Dr.Moscow went through.As I was hurrying to find the exit I noticed a child laying on a table not too far from where I was before.She has a deep incision distal to her abdominal cavity.Another table had a boy with a mark on his dorsal cavity.He was conscious and breathing so I tried to free him but he said there was no hope for him.Dr.Moscow had already given him a shot that made his intergumentary system weak.If he stepped out into any kind of sunlight his skin would burn like it was on fire.As i stood there listening to him tell me about all the horrible things that this evil Dr had done to him I felt tears coming down my eyes.I knew that if I didn't escape alive I would be doomed.The boy showed me a mark superior to his rib cage where the Dr had sliced him the first time he captured him.I stood there listening in shock and fright and the next thing I knew ,the Dr sneaked up on me .All I felt was the shot of the needle and then I remember dropping to the floor.I woke up and the Dr was working on me,He was slicing my inferior left thigh.I screamed in pain as I saw the redness of the blood flowing and I could hear it dripping on the floor.He then went on to make a deep cut on my knee , exactly in the medial knee cap.I screamed in terror and my reflexes came into play.I kicked him straight in the face and he lost his balance and fell to the floor.I used all my strength to get up and make a run for it.I saw the Dr laying on the floor .He looked like he was knocked out so i quickly grabbed the knife that was next to him.This would offer me some kind of protection I hoped.I was running in pain looking for the exit.My body was in shock,I felt dizzy and wanted to fall on the floor but I knew that I could not give up.I ran to the first door I saw .As I opened the door I saw something so horrible I knew I would die .Behind the door was three men that looked exactly like Dr.Moscow and they all had that sinister smile .I backed away slowly only to back up to the original Dr.Moscow.As the others saw the fear in my eyes they laughed loudly and I was sure at that point my life would end right in this dreadful underground lab.My body suddenly felt too hot and my breathing increased like I was gasping for air, that's when I jumped up with my mouth open trying to catch my breath.My eyes opened and I took a quick look around only to notice the familiarity of my room.Ah ,the sigh of relief.It was just a dream



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