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Can fortune be bought?

Updated on November 3, 2012
Happiness isn't always in big things. Happiness isn't in material things. Happiness can't be bought or rented. Happiness is something that's made of true, sincere and naive emotions - gathered under one roof.
Happiness isn't always in big things. Happiness isn't in material things. Happiness can't be bought or rented. Happiness is something that's made of true, sincere and naive emotions - gathered under one roof.

Old house

Old house... At first sight so seamlessly that first neighbor itself do not notice it sometimes. Old house... In it, five souls have found their peace, waiting for "better tomorrow" - like "Waiting for Godot". Middle aged woman, highly educated I.T professor and private English teacher, is forced to smuggle cigarettes over the border to feed young, still-weak, children and her husband. She never cared about herself and her physical appearance.She lived, and she still does, for her beloved ones.She was the only child from a highly respected-prominent, Hungarian, family where both parents and their grand-parents were teachers or professors.She had to follow some "unwritten" rules, and she had to live someone others dreams, because of tradition, until she met the right one - that changed her life entirely - her husband in present. Her parents were born in social-communist regime, and her parents were raising her with discipline and respect - at the highest level.Living in pattern of social-communist traditions of prominent families, she dreamed about having her own dream and living it like never before. Her life was fulled with everything that she wanted, back then, and everything that one girl, teenager, then wife can imagine. As a girl, she put her "bars" sky-high. She used to read books all day and all night. She couldn't stop reading. Even television, music or anything amusing weren't enough interesting like - reading books. She would learn at the day, and she would retell the material to her puppets. Sounds little awkward... But, puppets were the only "friends" that wanted to listen the school material. At the noon, after lunch, she would start reading different books all the time. Reading would continue until late night, or sometimes - until early morning.
-One time, her father told her to stop reading that much - especially at night, because getting up early for school would be distracted by staying up 'till the first sun... She couldn't resist to her obsession for reading - so she got small lamp, and she hide it.When bed time came, her father - who is a very very strict - came to see if she is sleeping. Young teenager was under the blanket, covered on some way so she could get enough air to breath - and her mini lamp in mouth to see what she reads.Her dad took off so roughly blanket off her, and saw that the little angel is actually reading - not sleeping as "the order" was. She got beaten because of reading - a sick strictness of her dad, pointed out more and more, day after day. Her mom was teaching geography at primary school, and a strict dad - was first a professor in high-school,then director of primary... as I told you - prominent family. But nobody saw the sadness, and loneliness of little woman - who cried for freedom and right,gentle love. Maybe everything that was inside her, and everything that she couldn't point out - was actually pointed out well in her beloved one, husband. Maybe her mirror, of herself, and the way she actually was until her spirit was beaten down, was in her husband ...? In any way, the fact is that her husband - later - was totally opposite of her. She lived in a new house, with nice little garden, and auto parked in front of house - he came from a shelter for orphaned children. She was high educated woman, he was non-educated male. She was from a family "on good voice", he was from ... no family at all... But, what he had is six brothers and one sister, along with father that he just assume where he could be and dead mother that died on her last birth. Her youth was light, his dark - just as dark as her light was.

What happened so these two people found each-other, and fit, perfectly?

Was it the physical appearance , or it was the matter of her hidden, alter, ego ?
Was it a thing of the good old phrase " opposites attract " ?
Was it the matter of "forbidden love" ,and hers revolt to it?
-It wasn't surely physical appearance, or matter of her alter ego.
-It wasn't her hidden personality, that she couldn't point out.
-It wasn't the thing of opposite characteristics, and
it wasn't surely the matter of forbidden love.

Then, what was it ? It was the energy,charisma - the aura that was all around her beloved. He was something new, something exciting for her. He was totally out of pattern, he wasn't raised to obey rules of others and to live the dream of others. He was living his own dream, following his own instinct - like she wanted... just like her desire was. He was her feel from desire. She felt something that she wanted all her life. The "short-circuit" in their look, when they looked at each-other, made them to come to the point where they... Live in... the old house...

Old house, badly noticeable for anyone, with big back-yard fulled with vegetables that she watered every day...
Old house, that was luring its energy by combining HIS charisma,and positive energy and HER dominant, over-disciplined behavior.

The crack on one of the walls, of the old house, made them to think about moving from it.
-In meanwhile, her mom and dead were died. Mom died from a brain cancer, and her dad died from sadness for his wife... He became an alcohol-addict and he died from heart-attack caused by alcohol...
She was depressed, but time is cure cure for everything... After some time, they decided to move to the much better looking house - she's parents house. To the fairly new house, where she spent her childhood, literally locked in her body, creaming and craving for freedom ... For her, freedom was everything BUT her current state of mind and current state or the way of order{s} in family.Noting more.Nothing... If you question yourself, WHAT IS FREEDOM, you will find that real freedom doesn't exist. We are all "slaves" of this modern time. We all need to obey some rules, that were previously written by those who bypassed the same ones.

Eventually, they've moved to the house of her parents. The old house was left there, in hands and mercy of time. Old house hasn't changed a bit, since they left - and it's hasn't been the same since they moved.What old house kept, is the happiness and all that positive energy what the new one lack in ... House members haven't found, yet, the same aura and all charming things, that were making their lives just like puzzle parts make the complete puzzle - called their life. Their lives will never be the same. It's like they haven't used to the new energy of the house - that has everything. It's like... They like more the one that doesn't have all those "fancy" things in it ... They like more the...
Old house...
Once again, now inside the body of a woman, little girl has to "hide" in herself. She has to keep her feelings, once again, in herself - because moving to the new house - meant changing of whole lifestyle. The new lifestyle, was very similar to those of suburbs in worlds metropolises.
Now, they realize how much does it mean to have a home that's fulled with positive energy and laugh of kids.Now, they realize how much the meaning of material things are nothing in comparison to what they once have had... The old house. And,
once again, little girl in a body of grown up and mature wife,has to go "in to corner" - and to look from ... my angle.

Happiness and love...

Can happines and love can be bought?

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