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My Dream That Became a Reality: Short Story

Updated on April 22, 2020
Hadiya Mughal profile image

I am a student of BSCS. I love family and friends. I love computer study and programming.

My dream that became a reality

It was a few years ago when all of this strange things happened me. Normally we don't pay much attention to these things. At night, while I was sleeping, I used to see strange things. One person is dressed in white,Many people are standing around him and crying and begging him to come back. In a white dress, a lay person does not say or do any kind of movement as if his body has been heard and it is no longer useful. As soon as I see these things, my eyes open and I start to see the things around me. My sweat out of panic. I clean my sweat and try to sleep again by drinking water. But I couldn't sleep. I was terrified because of this dream. I do not sleep all night for fear of this dream and so it is in the morning. Get ready in the morning and go to college. And because of the busyness of the day, I start to forget that dream. All day goes by and I don't remember anything about this dream. It is night and I fall asleep anxiously it is 2 o'clock in the night and this dream comes to me again. I see a man in a white dress again in a dream and there are people around him calling to him to come back. This time I also see myself and I cry while sitting next to the guy in this white dress. When I look at myself, my eyes open with fear. I look carefully at everything around me. In fear I go to sleep with my mommy's hands, but I can't sleep, things start to wander in my mind about what they were and why such dreams come to me. Waking up in the morning, I could not stop thinking about it. This dream had made my place in my mind. My anxiety and anxiety increased so much I was not thinking about it. I thought I would talk to my mom about it. When I told her about this dream, she told me Part of our life is that we see things in a dream but they have nothing to do with reality, so I stop thinking about it and pay close attention to my studies. I agreed with her and tried to forget her. I thought to keep myself busy in education and home chores so I could not think about that dream but I couldn't forget it. The next day was also spent thinking about the same dream. It was about twelve o'clock in the night. My mom called me and said that it was time for her father to come. If the paper is asleep on time I will get up early in the morning. When I went to bed, when I slept, my aunt called my mom, she told mey mother that my father was ill and I was unaware that he was in the hospital. And I didn't even have that dream when I slept today. My mom went to the hospital to see my father and I slept unconscious. At three o'clock in the night my mom called my sister and told that our father died my sister wake up me and told that our father is no longer in this world. I was awakened to hear this for quite a while, so I couldn't understand what he was saying. At that moment I hear the sound of an ambulance. As soon as I hear the sound of an ambulance I run towards the ceiling and look down from the ceiling An ambulance stands at the door of my house I see I go to open the door. I see my father has died. My dream was reality. My father has died and my family says please come back. I sit close my father death body and crying. I was lose my dad.

In a way I was thinking of myself responsible for his death. Tonight I did not have that dream because it was being fulfilled. The person I saw wrapped in a white dress was my father. I had nothing but remorse I was just crying in my helplessness. My father kept fighting for life and death and I didn't know anything. I slept in a state of stupidity.

People were watching with sorrowful eyes Someone else was saying the most sadness heard the word of orphan for themselves. That day I realized that the orphans with the hands on the head of the orphan and the sheets are more.May Allah never orphan a daughter, Amen.

There is no greater sadness then being an orphan..

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2020 Hadiya Mughal


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