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Revolutionary for the world

Updated on May 26, 2014


I come to you day, tomorrow, and next year to speak about the inhumane bonds from, us, and when I say us I mean us.

Us! meaning the people all over the world that share this earth!

Today is the day when we must rise and rise and rise! to come against the unsatisfactory of human bondage.

To all who hear me today, and to all who will hear me tomorrow, and to all who will hear me next year!

I stand for us today, to salvage our spirits! to expose the our true purpose on this planet. The time to live for one another is now!

We are being attacked by our nuisance of a evolution, ignorance, and blinding happiness for self gain.

The world won't stand for these times of hardships, and there shouldn't still be hardships of the same kind from hundreds of years ago!

I ask why should we accept the pain and suffering of our world today! Why should we let people live to die?

Why should our people be or feel alone!

It is our case to not let the light of this world darken, and shade the world. I ask that all of the revolutionaries arise and bring back a life worth risking for the sake of our people, Us!

We find fight the selfish greed and corrupt trend to live in this world in this time!

Since I was a boy I dreamed of helping and fighting for mankind, against evil child play characters and villains.

I see that need is this evident, but this is not a fantasy world that we live in so we must fight against the human demise.

The human demise against each other, because there aren't any mythical creatures lingering in the dark shadows or under our beds.

They are in us, and everyday we don't recognize this betrayal to mankind, mankind will be lost in the sadness of the past.

I will fight, and gain momentum! I will speak of our need to bond with each other and our world we live in. To fight not for just a good cause, but for a better one!

© 2013 Along with the wind


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