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My father's and mine

Updated on August 19, 2013

My Father was a musician but never had the opportunity of making it big. I could remember those days driving the streets of the city with him on his Chevy. Honestly, i never liked being in that car, other kids laughed at me because it was an old model, anyway the oldest model.

Dropping me off at the school was my nightmare

Why didn't he buy a better car instead of this

Friends ridiculed me because of his blue old car

Father i called him on that blessed day


He knew why i preferred to walk to school but somehow he made me to understand that he tried his best to keep the family together.Providing our daily bread and caring for my youngest sibling on wheel chair is better than a brand new Mercedes.

Yes i understood his effort.

One other thing i didn't like apart from his car was his musical/recording instrument. It was his mini studio. He recorded all his songs with it and carried it along with him to wherever he wanted to play his songs. I got that instrument when he passed away and the car was for all, the five of us.

There was nothing to bequest to us individually, his only possessions were the car and that recording instrument, the house was already on our Mother's name but of the five of us,i was the only one who got something on my own.

The car is for all my children read his will...

I was happy because i got something

I wasn't his favorite if the truth is needed

But i was the one he bequest his love

The mini studio is for my fourth son read his will...

My Family was always together,we did things together so when i was 24yrs,we decided to sell the car,i am the second to the last in line so if the proceed will be shared according to age then i will get second to the least but Charles is wise, he said that we better invest the money than share it.

Our family business began with $350.00 in cash and 250 songs done by our late Father. We began to sell his songs and from there,we excelled.

Today we own a powerful studio in town, thanks to Dad's handwork and motivation.

Is there anything to remember about him?

Our late Father left a lasting legacy, we followed his foot prints, that was the only reason why we got to where we are today, we wouldn't have done better individually but working as a united group propelled us to the top.

Sold over fifty million copies of his songs.

Anyway today my kids are always happy to ride the city with me and when i drop them off at the school,their pees points at the beautiful car their Dad drive.

The difference between my father's and mine is that his is the foundation and mine the brick. And the most important of all is the foundation.

The foundation of life is the Father

A Father prepares the way

A Father sets the line

A Father mold the bricks

A Father contracts the builders

A Father does it all

Everyday i look at my car,i remember the best car ever driven in my family, the car with the grace of God because if it was not that car,we will never have our initial fund.

Dad we miss you and thank you for your grace and love

Author's remark:

No matter who you are, his grace is infinite and he blesses us not according to our color or who we are but according to his love and grace which is equally for all of us. I am blessed and will forever give him the praise. Jesus you are my savior.

What about you?


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    • Rossimobis profile imageAUTHOR

      Chibuzo Melvin Mobis 

      5 years ago from Nigeria

      Thanks Eddy for reading...

    • Eiddwen profile image


      5 years ago from Wales

      A great hub; interesting and thanks for sharing.



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