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My first crush

Updated on March 15, 2017

Let me tell you the story of my first crush

It felt like it was intense and lush

It was when I was eight

I knew that it was love at first sight

She had me falling for her with her dark brown eyes

My heart skipped a beat and filled my stomach with butterflies

I dreamed of the day we would wed

And watch her cheeks turn red

Oh yes, I would

Have her for good

When she laughed she spilled pearl

never have I seen such a beautiful girl

Her golden lock of hair

fled through the air

like the tidal wave

And it was for her love, I crave

It was too much to bear

She seemed like she did not care

Oh my god!

It was driving me mad

There she was, a lovely lass

breaking my heart as though it were a piece of glass

Each time she came

There was this feeling inside me, that I could not name

She smelled of blossom

It took me to a world I could not fathom

I knew I would win her

A time and a thousand over

She did care for me

And one day she would marry me

She laughed at all my jokes

She packed my bag packs

Because she really did care for me

And one day she would marry me

We were going strong

But she proved me wrong

She brought him home

He, who was handsome

They looked perfect together

But I was really bothered

My heart was shattered

I thought she cared

Did she?

Or was she just doing her duty?

May be she did not!

After all, I was just another one she baby sat!


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