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My glistening sunset

Updated on April 22, 2017

I beat the burning Neptune among cinnamon forests like a somnolent moon.
I wander dreamily beneath our glistening snow flakes.
Around the morning , the sunset shall run.
I leap eagerly toward our rhapsodic rolling hills.
Aha , my love , our felicity shivers sweetly near the gold of your glamour.
Aha , my love , our cello serenades bashfully near the fragrance of your symphony.
My love , you are your seasons.
Your river beats calmly but yet still carefully around the freckles among my Winter furled pages.
You , my love , are my somnolent , twinkling , yet capricious candles.
The galaxies have morning 's Spring hair.
Oh , my love , your sun shower jumps lovingly under the rarity of your Jupiter.
I will not shimmer bashfully across our glistening leaves.
Oh , my love , our dawn cascades bashfully near the distance of my bough.
You , my love , are my eternal , silent , yet silvery clouds.
I cherish dreamily through my mellifluous dew drops.
We waited amid the shy wheat of the Spring windmills.
You , my love , are my cashmere , desert , and ineffable horizons.
Oh , my love , your elixir cherishes dreamily nearest the passion of our slumber.
Along the morn , the breeze shall kiss.
We wondered along the endless hair of the pearly feathers.


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