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My heart Cries Out for You

Updated on May 19, 2013

My heart cries out for you,

My love for you is true,

my soul yearns to touch yours,

My desire for you pours,

From ever fiber of my being,

How do i show you what i am seeing,

How do I tell you what I want heard on distant shores,

That my love for you is pure and that my heart is completely yours,

I pray each night I awake to find that you are mine,

How do I prove to you that I will cross any line,

What can I do to show you I am utterly lost without your love,

How long do I have to wait for my answer from up above,

All my thoughts and dreams are of you,

And I pray that someday you will love me too,

My heart, my soul and my very essence screams with desire,

My emotions are ablaze with love's hottest fire,

I am lost for words and don't know what to do,

All I know is my heart cries out for you.


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    • kkingcrabb profile image

      Billy Joseph Ethridge 5 years ago from Georgetown, S.C.

      Can you believe I wrote that in the 6th grade? (I did edit it a bit) Had a crush on the little brown haired girl who sat in front of me in history class, man did she always smell good! I was reading it and remembering at the time I use to carry around a thesaurus, no wonder I got beat up!

    • The Frog Prince profile image

      The Frog Prince 5 years ago from Arlington, TX

      Great work KK.

      The Frog