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The game of love and life.....

Updated on September 7, 2014

Today, I feel,

that my heart,

becoming a poet,

singing the song,

of sorrow and grief,

extracted from our love.

See, the dew looks,

like the stanzas,

you have heard a lot,

the poems of others,

but you have to listen,

the poem of my heart,

even for a while.

Come to me and see,

how I lived, till date,

from the threads of tears,

I sewed the wounds,

you presented me as gift.

With the wealth,

of your love,

and the coins of tears,

I played the game,

of fortune, with my fate,

and thus, it started,

in the way,

I won this world,

but lost against you.

I loved you,

in such a manner,

which is incomparable,

though, I was,

a particle of dust,

but you made me,

the sparkle,

in the fire of your love.


when I will be no more,

you, in this world,

will search me everywhere.

The love is not a toy,

meant for use and throw,

the bet of life,

which, I had at the moment,

will be won by me,

and I,

must have to win it.


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