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My letter to the US Attorney General

Updated on May 27, 2011
Hemp paper
Hemp paper
Hemp rope
Hemp rope

Dear Attorney General
I write you about a cause
one that serves humanity
and therefore can’t be lost

I’m referring to
the Sativa plant
a natural beauty
in high demand

This plant that I
am talking about
is cause for discussion
all around

There’s something I need
you to clarify
why the war on marijuana
no user ever died?

No overdose
no aggressive behaviour
why did this plant
loose its favour?

On top of this
marijuana heals
it’s the cure for cancer
and pain it relieves

And all the products
hemp can produce
about 25.000
for us to use

Easy to grow
without robbing the planet
Why this war?
I don’t understand

Mr. Holder
hear my plead
make this war stop
for there is no need

Let people heal
and live free from pain
don’t rob them of this
there is so much to gain

Please advice
Obama’s administration
that marijuana can heal
entire nations

Stop the madness
around this plant
the war on this herb
really has to end



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    • LadyFae profile image

      LadyFae 6 years ago from Under the Stars

      Hi zduckman and thank you for your comment and I updated the hemp product info in my Hub. Thnx.

      And I agree that it could actually save the human race from self annihilation. I will be sure to read your hubs on this subject.

    • zduckman profile image

      zduckman 6 years ago

      Great Hub....I like your approach in that it is a letter the The Attorney general. An interesting angle. I appreaciate your comment to my question. I would urge you to read the Hub I have I have written a Hub specifically to dispel the myths about hemp and marijuana being the same. They are different sub-species of the same variety Canabis Sativa L.

      This is where the similarity ends....Hemp can actually be made into 25,000 products, and I believe it could save the human race for self annihilation. Pot on the other hand while good for its medical and theraputic useless for and industrial crop.

      Please read

      and another on the topic