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My life is based on a true story, a poem

Updated on March 28, 2013
 Vaskeplass i Bretagne by Kitty Lange Kiellan,  Norwegian painter (1843-1914)
Vaskeplass i Bretagne by Kitty Lange Kiellan, Norwegian painter (1843-1914) | Source

I know what life will do to me!

One fine day I'm going to die.

I know that for a certain fact,

It almost happened twice before.

When I die my body will rot,

Worms delicacy I will be.

Through the miracle of nature,

Now part of maggot's DNA.

But wait! Look at the pretty bird

Flying up there and looking down,

He spotted the overweight worm!

Free lunch does exist after all.

As the birdie gulps in the worm,

I am now part of his body,

Through the fat maggot's DNA

Which was mine originally.

In a strange way I'm still alive,

Or at least some of my cells are.

But weren't we taught that's how life starts

With a single lonely cell?

And as the bird explores the sky

He takes an in-flight potty break

Feeding the frogs way down below.

And again goes my DNA.

But even birds break from flying,

And while landing for a pit stop,

He succumbs to a famished fox.

And that's how I become four legged.

See, honey I'm now a fox too

And it's a lot of fun to run

Through the woods and enjoy the sights

Mother Nature put there for us.

A few chicken pinched from farmers,

And bushy tailed no more we are

It was only matter of time

'Fore a bullet ended the fun.

Voraciously torn up by hounds

As the mounted hunt caught with us

A pack of hungry dogs I am,

Much more in character with me!

The story of my life goes on,

As I jump inadvertently

From one species to another,

But then, I come to realize...

Than through different shapes and forms

A part of us will never die.

Evolution will transform us

But somehow we'll always survive.

Celebrate life with me, my friend

While we can still communicate.

For maybe we are immortal,

But being alive has its virtues.

You've endured my diatribe so far,

So maybe I told you some truth,

'Cause as I have stated before :

My life is based on a true story!

Copyright 2013 by Austinhealy, his heirs and assigns for the text, as credited for the illustrations.


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    • profile image

      Lee Cloak 

      3 years ago

      Very enjoyable engaging poetry, beautiful words, really wonderfull, voted up, thanks, Lee

    • SheZoe profile image


      5 years ago from Idaho, USA

      This was a unique way of expressing "the circle of life" idea. You've made it seem a little less grim :o)

    • Eiddwen profile image


      5 years ago from Wales

      Than through different shapes and forms

      A part of us will never die.

      Evolution will transform us

      But somehow we'll always survive.

      This is a truly wonderful poem and I especially liked the above verse. Voted up and shared.

      Enjoy your day.



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