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My little time friend

Updated on April 9, 2016

My Darling...Rainbow

My little time friend

She just showed off just after, the cherished friend went home
Stood straight to welcome my new friend of that evening
Body went to deep cold, rather than ice that found on the poles
There was a diminutive commotion in my veins due to her beauty

While my eyes preset on her fabulous alluring beauty
Found the pure immutable exquisiteness of universe
My heart falls into pieces in the immense vacant cosmos
Left nonentity includes the liveliness, also been destroyed

Never found such a gorgeous, since I born into the world
Merry miracle found all around the creation and here is one
One unique creation in front of my eyes, very hard to believe
With a striking mauve hair never seen from the beginning

Luminous face with glittering smile all around there
Showed some blistering rays as a new born sun to heart
Melted into worthy disciple of her legendary love tale
Lost all my word when I saw her bright sapphire face

Every living thing turned their feelings towards her
No one around there, forgot to see a day twinkling star
She turned her olive eyes to mesmerize my essence
Made to stick the scrutiny no more than on her

Green eyes

Although a fine beauty who stands all alone without fear
Also had some handful of gracious words in eyes
With that golden yellow dress, looks like a modern angel
Came to visit the gravel with any wings of heaven

Ailed heart cried to tell the truth from my deep sympathy
But my lips forgot to spit the word in front an absolute beauty
The orange cheeks turned pink result of little shy
May be she must have accepted me as her aficionado

I am afraid to ask her, even though she smile like sweet
Even I am not dark hearted, still I afraid to propose
Though wanted to hear some love from smiling ruby lips
Never willing to hear hot crimson words as hot as cherry pepper

I loved her in my eyes and also in my heart without fear
Wanted to live her till the end of life time, ever happily
But, time plays a different game with me that happen always
She just vanished slowly and amalgamated with the atmosphere

Left her trail all around me with smile that is profound
Ended me into a momentous tablet in the love legend
Nothing came to mind; my eyes shed the tears without my consent
I promised to myself one day I will live with her after my life

Red Lips


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