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My name is Jordan

Updated on July 29, 2011

Flowing down.

That’s my name, more commonly known as Jordan.

The Jordan River, flowing gracefully and peacefully,

between two war ravaged countries.

A spiritual, holy body of life, knowledge and truth.

My mom just liked the name.

The Descender.

The river winds and twists from the top of a mountain,

fresh beginnings, clean slates,

to the depths of the Dead Sea.

The Dead Sea sounds morbid,

But it’s special,

The salt in the water is so high in concentrate,

It’s almost impossible to sink.

After a long, exhilarating journey through my life,

There are no more struggles to stay afloat.

A state of grace.

Middle name, Taylor.

“To cut” is all that means.

Cut out the negative thoughts, negative energy in my life.

Tailor and shape the circumstances of my life into the life I imagine.

Jordan Taylor Scott.

Flowing down, to cut, and lastly “Painted Warrior”.

“Painted”, not hide and mask

Accentuate, flaunt what you got.

Make my journey down the River of my life,

Like a warrior, never taking no for an answer,

until I can stay afloat with ease,

be loyal to those who matter;

like my Chinese sign of the dog enlightens,

strive for the best that I am,

and with careful thought and peace on my mind,

sail through whatever issues arise on either side of me.


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    • George J Hardy profile image

      George J Hardy 6 years ago from Southern New Jersey

      interesting !