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My new page - a poem

Updated on April 3, 2012

My new page - a poem


When iniquity’s fetters of flaming steel held me,

I flipped through the yawning ribs of perspiring questions

Page after page

Throwing bags of hope into melting spaces

Seeking what only spiced doubt could promise

As the wounded truth dug through gapping ages

Seeking the drug bottle swallowed into iniquity’s bowel,

Gyrating weeks and months ferried on heels of fur,

Reminding my decaying days

That their days were numbered.

My blushing years rusting in silent sting

had bade goodbye since that day

the acid word showered in pebbles and

The doctor’s voice came:

“you’ve got AIDS”

I believed the voice

That blew cool breeze over my troubled water

But evil still smiled me into timidity

And my answers never came

For how long will I run?

For whom will I cry?

Will I survive the world or

The world will survive me?

I always had questions to chew

But if someone will help

Will the sea of evil run dry someday,

Or the ship of goodness will just sail over?

The ages of dark minds are lengthening

And the world of truth moves ever closer to the grave.

Yet, the voice speaking from my future keeps on

And I believe as its presence sets off the dark myth

And displays a reality of hope.

I have been running away from something that cannot kill me.

And afraid of something that cannot harm me.

Sail on pretty little heart,

You won’t drown.

The drug bottle is somewhere there in the waves.

If the wave does not subside,

The sea will run dry,

And the world will be ours again

At last;

The sparks of joy lit the world inside me

As orchestrated years, months, wine and steak dive headlong

To celebrate my new page with the symphonic news

That the master Doctor’s voice thunders:

“you’ve got aids”


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    • factsknowing profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Jos

      Thank you yoginijoy. I appreciate you for your comment.

    • yoginijoy profile image


      6 years ago from Mid-Atlantic, USA

      Wow, very powerful message of hope in the face of despair. What an insightful way to show that 'the end' is never what we think. Wishing you peace.


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