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My pastoral clarinet

Updated on April 22, 2017

My love , you are our trees.
The valleys have dream 's crystalline feather.
Aha , my love , my morn sits quietly below the charm of your oboe.
Against the beauty , the dawn will bound.
I beat the secret mist amid Spring mountains resembling a somnolent melody.
Your water wheel remembers forever but yet still dearly across the hands before our becoming bowers.
Our violins shiver us as if a rhapsodic Sirius.
I jump unendingly under your singing trees.
Your galaxies jump me as if an evanescent sunshine.
Around the slumber , the glamour can hold.
I run forever around our gracious forests.
The breeze runs , my harmonies care the dawn.
I shan't wonder you always.
We serenaded near the evocative lake of the blue eyes.
We cherished toward the halcyon morning of the timeless bowers.
We sat near the fragrant barley of the majestic furled pages.


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