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A Sad Poem

Updated on March 7, 2014


I have decided to explain every stanza of the poem that I have written because it seems to me that when I wrote the poem I was under the spell of powerful emotions hence I did not cared for any one but my friend. Since now, when I have publicized my poem, I should have paraphrased it at the inception but better late than never I have decided to explain every stanza so that it may be possible for the readers to get crux of the poem.

The Tempestuous Way

The frosty weather which I see,

what unprecedented power !

drives my thoughts in sea

that leads me to cower,

waves being the entanglements,

giving unbearable torments.

Once the mark of romanticism,

this weather,

drove me in lascivious environment,

my thoughts a fletch`d feather,

getting dipped into the lustful scent.

Exp :- The poet says that frosty weather which he sees arouses powerful emotions in poet and hence the poet is driven into the emotions which are insurmountable in nature. There are some feelings which poet fears. The metaphorical sea about which he is speaking is the unending sorrow and the complexities in poet`s life are waves of the sea. The complexities are torturing poet and he is not able to bear the pain. The frosty weather described by the author was once the mark of romanticism and led poet into romantic thoughts. His thought were-- when the weather was romantic-- were flying high like feathers in the wings of a bird.

The point that one gets,

lasciviousness ! where the way it finds,

amidst the pure conscience wets,

of two hearts when they get winds,

but the process being prolonged,

not in the way as libidinous longed.

The entire seraphic thought that fumbles,

astray concentrates,

on the point of matting and doesn`t rambles,

the total transparency in mates.

Exp :- The poet clarifies the meaning of lasciviousness. He asks where the lust finds it`s way when two couples purely love each other. When the love is pure between the couple the entire pureness that exists in one`s mind is present at that time. There is complete mutual devotion between the couples.

The scribbling person,

ah ! totally illiterate

on this sort of pedantry

but have always won,

the dark side always in life, a fret !

thanks to the universal beholder

for creating boulder,

that blocks my way,

when I head for romanticism,

but this spay,

suits me I know

for it`s the law of theism.

Exp :- The poet is completely inexperienced about happens when a guy is in love. But he has always got the darker side(It means that he was never understood correctly by the girl whom he liked) and hence this is a point of hopelessness for poet. He than thanks god for giving poet trouble whensoever he wants to go for an affair and the poet understands that it is for his own good.

The streak that I feel,

titanic exaltation !

when I raced with goodwill,

giving the almighty frustration,

the greatest flaw it erupted

"the devotion got interrupted".

I broke the stignancy

once I allotted for my life.

The god flenched my feathers of fancy,

Hence I get sempiternal strife.

Exp :- The sadness that troubles poet is : when the poet started to have an affair he started giving more attention to his beloved and hence as a result his daily worship of god was interrupted. The poet just broke the rule he had made for himself(regarding the prayer of the god) and hence he thinks that god just got angry with this and he muddled in his affair. Now the poet gets unending misery.

o ! poetry , the soul of self,

I`ll bestow for you,

the greatest commitment tho` for pelf,

but you have no emulation in view,

the greatest tribute that I`ll give

in my travel that I have to rive,

since my master have given me,

to trudge as a sailor that sails,

the vast watery surface and key,

unpredictable ! the cruise full of assails.

Exp :- The poet says addressing to poetry that poetry is his soul and he will dedicate something for poetry. The poet has great desire to be wealthy but poetry, according to the poet, cannot be compared with wealth. The poet says that throughout his life he will praise poetry most. The poet further describes his life as turbulent and full of troubles.

The lapse I fill`d a gap

of this world,

from then to now I flap,

for the emarld

but the god merciful,

preventing my flesh from all sorts of trouble.

O ! mighty I thank you,

that the aid that you have given me,

unavailing which I would not have bid adieu,

to the past catastrophes invading.

Exp :- The poet says that at the moment he was born and from that moment till now he is moving ahead in life to find his aim. While the poet continues his search the god has always prevented him from all sorts of the trouble. He than thanks the god that had it not been the help of god he could never have overcame the difficulties which he faced in the past.

I`m a sailor,

have got a tatter`d ship

but energetic valour,

"god`s aid and not the whip",

for I`ll peddle the way

which he made to be in gay.

The moral, honesty and other words,

that exhibit the gleams

of the scenes of routes of the bards,

tho` hard but everlasting glee one deems.

Exp :- The poet than compares himself to a sailor and says that he has not got many benefits in his life but the things that ups him is the fact that god is happy with him since he will travel the way which god has made for the human beings. Then he describes certain words and says that moral qualities are the mark of a brave and great men and though the way of goodness is tough but one always remains happy.

I`ve just crossed my teens,

so got the glimpse of the aches

that life gives, when my heart feigns

how to live life without painful appendages,

whole pelagic cruise

of life waiting to bruise !

my parts and my conscience.

But I`ll prove to be diamond

I`ll gleam as well as mince

the quality of being adamant.

Exp :- The poet says that he has just crossed the teens and he has got a glimpse the brutal aspects of life. Then he thinks how can one avoid the great troubles of life which are in the future waiting to tease poet.Then he affirms that he will be successful and in a determined way he will fight.

I ponder sometimes,

when I`m inexperienced,

just departing the brink of rhymes

of the waves that sea fenced.

My life a sea,

containing ripples as lapse in me.

O ! god when the maturity that

lavish my skills, will ripen,

how hard the problems` fate,

I think enough for my heart to riven.

Exp :- The poet says that when he has just began his youth life then the life is very hard(Since he has just broken a relation) and when he will be a mature person then how hard the problems and complexities of life will be. With this thought poet`s heart is torn apart.

The gales , bergs, storms,

my rover not so hard

to face adversities in any of forms.

I should have to discard.

But the ominous fact

that makes me contract,

Escapism never the resolve

for the obstacles that arrive

frequently as sea full of shove

complexities that ruthlessly drive.

Exp :- The poet describes the troubles and says that he is not so strong to face them. It is possible that he may run cowardly. But at the next moment he remembers that running away from any thing is never a solution for a life full of obstacles and the obstacles are very sever in their attitude.

The only way that I see,

optimism ! the feet of god,

my lord protect me

for I`m your part and the mode

to protect me be bearable

so that I can adopt the method reasonable.

Almighty ! Omnipotent ! I`m the greatest,

happiest, treasured.

If your hand on my head, hence I behest

I`ll win I`m fully assured.

Exp :- Finally in the concluding stanza the poet says that only way out is optimism which can only be found in the kingdom of god. He then requests his god to protect him since he is part of the god and pleads that way in which the god protects the poet must be friendly. And then he says that he is the happiest man since his god is with him and hence he is sure about his victory.


I wrote this poem on the behest of my best friend who had just rejected a girl because he loved someone else but later only to find that now he needed that girl whom he rejected. But now when he approached the girl about his fault she said that she has already accepted some one else. Now this was the cause of his sorrow and he repeated his plight before me and asked me to write a poem on his miserable state. I in my Btech first year did so to console him. This poem is dedication to his feelings that came out while he described whole affair to me.


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    • ravi1991 profile image

      Ashutosh Tiwari 3 years ago from Lucknow, India

      Thank you @JM Poetry

    • JM Poetry profile image

      JM Poetry 3 years ago

      lovely imagery