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My random thoughts and feelings for today .

Updated on November 16, 2011

Honestly I don't know why i'm writing this, I have a book I have for all of this insight and thought I normally get , but I guess I'll just project it onto the web today , my hand kills after I write so long. I'm doing a journalism course, and really I dont know why right now, I love to write . I may not be very good at it in terms of grammar, spellings etc but ( trying not to sound too cheesy) it is something that comes from within me. It is a part of me, like a limb or a nose and an eye. :) I write poetry mainly , I dont write it to be professional, I write it to clear my mind . To get my feelings down on paper in a creative way. So I just presumed journalism would help me expand my ways of writing but now i'm not so sure. I want to write a book , I want to do something to inspire and reach out to people. I love to write but I dont see my self reporting news and writing articles. I know life isn't easy and the things you love and want to pursue don't come easily , but I'm the type of person that will never finish anything. Which is pretty bad. I start and rarely finish, inspiration temporarily runs through my veins and the vanishes midway. As much as I wish I was a motivated person i'm not. I find myself staying at home a lot and hoping that inspiration will walk back into my life like a long lost friend. But I know deep down I have to go out into the world to find inspiration to live and to learn. I just cant find any interest in journalism. Im not drawn to it and it makes me wonder. I love to dance and sing , that doesnt mean i should teach dancing and go onto the xfactor ( which would not be a good idea for my own dignity). I love to write , but does that mean I should make a career out of it ? All I want is to inspire , or help someone. That maybe a heartbroken girl or a lost person will see what I write and relate to it , and feel like their not so alone that I have felt what they have felt and that my words the fact I have been there can help to heal them in even the slightest way. Just like the poets and song writers i have come across have inspired me. I want to be brilliant , I want to be successful. Everyone does , nothing makes me any better or different. Its just , if one day I can write something even worth reading twice and enjoying I would be happy. Not articles , not news. Just Life. I want to write about life,love and passion. Pain and happiness. I want to be remembered, quoted, studied. I just wish i could find my way , to be motivated , to be the person I want to be. I have my whole life , but i am so scared that I wont succeed and in years from now I will be someone completely different to who I wanted to be, I will be a stranger to my own dreams. I dont want that . Not at all..


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    • profile image

      PenMePretty 5 years ago from Franklin

      Keep your faith strong and your dreams alive. You will keep getting better and better. Writing is good for healing. Journalism is fun!!! I enjoy you.

    • profile image

      PenMePretty 5 years ago from Franklin

      You will not change, just keep getting better and better.

      Writing is wonderful therapy. It is healing to ourselves as well as others. Just keep your faith strong, and your dreams alive. Journalism is good. Just enjoy the journey.

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