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My selection of Love Poems

Updated on February 19, 2013

I use my Cyber Love messages to make them into a selection of Poems - which mean so much to me.....I find the messages send to me have beautiful words and meaning of emotion of Love. Meaning of Love is not just words....but words that mean Love.....I love to share my Cyber Love Messages with you.....

Love has its own vibes

Love has its own vibes,

sending shivers through the spine,

Holding love so dear to your heart,

Can that love be expressed in Art,

For awhile, lets enjoy it my Love,

Where you don't see the

beauty , the age, the me,

But you opened my heart,

To Let you come in,

Embeded forever,

From here to the end of time....


These line are for you

These lines are for you

My love from the heart,

and our lips are locked in the fire of

passion throughout the night,

You are my lover,

My knight - Amorous,

I would be dreaming of you tonight,

You just put your arms around my waist,

As we sway away in the night,

As l put my arms around your neck,

Babe, don't leave me, l want you back,

As you hold me tight,

Slowly, we dance in each others arms,

l look up to you and ask,

"Did you miss me" my love.


To Let you know

Babe, just to let you know,

That l love you so much,

Please don't ever leave me,

l try my best,

To be with you all the time,

One day does not go by,

How much you mean to me,

Iff l don't hear from you,

l would surely die,

You are my heart, my soul

my everything,

Each hour, each minute, every

thought is filled,

With the thought of you,

l truely,

Love you.


Iff Only

Only in your arms,

I found you at last,

This moment in time,

This love will have to last.


Something inside of me

Something inside of me is breaking my heart,

Waiting anixously to see iff you would come at last.


Quotes of Love

Say it with Love,

Give it with Love,

Treasure of the mind,

are the treasures

from the heart.


Quotes of Love

You should have trust in Love,

and iff you have that trust in Love,

Love, should than,

Last forever.


Quote of Love

Faith in Love

Iff you have faith in God,

and than faith in Love,

Should come along side,

Quotes of Love

Mean it and say it

Mean it and say it,

Only say it,

If you mean it,

Deep from the bottom of your heart,

Say it now and always,

From now and always,

From now on till the end of time,

Say it,

With Love.


Love message

That is good honey,

That you think of me alot

It's the same over here,

l also think about you alot,

Well, you have changed for the

better definitely,

l like it, how you are now with me, dear,

I picked you,

Somethings cannot be explained,

Somethings just happen,

So you are the only one,

But l had to do the hammering into your head,

To finally let you come into my life,

Earlier on, you used to give me the hard time,



To Get to know you

To get to know you,

How you are,

and to watch you react,

To what l say or do to you,

is a satisfying feeling,

You wouldn't express yourselve before,

and wouldn't tell me anything,

All that is changing,

l am satisfied with your and your progress,,

You need to be loved,

and l am here for you,

l respect you and l believe that you are


l introduced this knew chapter in your life,

and you are taking it pretty well..Babes.


Wooing you

I love you so much,

now lets cuddle and sleep,

I will be holding you, throughout the night, my love,

You are nice and loving to me, honey,

l've changed you somewhat,

You were not like this before,

'Smiles' we have got much closer,

'l Kiss your forehead".

Am l not already yours?

You are almost like my wife,

What do you think?

l love you so much,

l am so glad l found you,

You are my Special One,

well Babes, as l said,

'I don't know how it happened,

you and me just happened'

I always liked you from the moment l

saw you,

But maybe it was written,

That l would woo you agressively.


When you are on holiday think of me

Honey, it is not too late,

l love you honey,

You are my woman,

l own you,

Just know that you are loved,

and l need you in my life,

l do miss you when you are away,

Think of me, and keep me in your heart,

l will miss you definitely,

But, l hope you have a lovely time,

Speaks to you later,

Take care, and be safe,

Babe l wanna be there with you,

Imagine me there with you,

l don't want to lose you,

Hope that you really have a whale of a time.

l would look forward to and be soo happy,

when you came back...


In the Art

Like some Art,

no one can understand,

When the two of us talk,

When only us two

only know,

What we talk about,

Abstract and naughty is our World,

Unique and wonderful is our World.


Mending broken hearts

You traversed the Whole World in your thoughts for me,

Oh, baby don't change your mind,

l love you so much,

You are mine.

l kiss your lips, l caress your hair,

Baby, let you know, that l am near,

l love the things you say and do to me,

Please hold me in your arms again,

Let the warmth melt away the pain,

Let me, hear your heart beat,

Let me, catch your falling tears,

We know that we didn't mean to hurt each other,

Let this moment last forever,

let this moment, mend our

Broken hearts forever.


Not to late to be loved

Honey, it is not too late to be loved,

l love you honey,

you are my woman,

l own you,

Just know that you are loved,

and l need you in my life,

l do miss you, when you are away,

Just think of me,

and keep me in your heart and always


That you are my woman.


l Love you

l love you honey,

You found me now,

l need you in my life,

Just know that you are loved,

Now and always,

So, imagine me with you,

Everyday of your life,

l wanna be with you,




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