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The sinners

Updated on November 7, 2014

Once, in a river,

having highly flowing streams,

six travelers were,

in a boat, holding beams.

Being ups and downs,

all were afraid of sinking,

far from the towns,

their hearts were shrinking.

Suddenly, darkened clouds,

spread over whole the sky,

every one shouts,

they all were about to die.

What sin done,

punishment of which, is this,

understood none,

describing each other's evils.

A roaring voice then,

broken out from the clouds,

safety will be, when,

the sinner will have to come out.

The tiny battle began,

among all the travelers on boat,

saying them, honest men,

their lives, being sacred note.

Ultimately except one,

all the travelers decided to throw,

poor shepherd one,

what evil done, he didn't know.

When he was thrown out,

of the boat, by the travelers,

lightening just broken out,

fallen heavily on boat there.

All the travelers were killed,

as they were all the sinner,

poor innocent shepherd,

was escaped by the holy river.


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