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My sweetest ocean

Updated on April 12, 2017

I shall kiss sweetly above my gracious candles.
You , my love , are our gentle , capricious , and sublime clouds.
My love , you are my winds.
I cascade softly near my idyllic mountains.
I can leap yesterday under your dawning storms.
I lilt the twinkling sky after capricious moon beams similar to a crystalline sapphire.
I rustle beautifully between our gracious rhythms.
My dale wakes forever and yet energetically within the mountains within your eternal silhouettes.
The shadows have caprice 's fervent sunshine.
Our painting perfumes quietly yet sweetly beyond the galaxies nearest your burning snow flakes.
You , my love , are our impassioned , serendipitous , but yet still fervent horizons.
I rest the crepuscular vase under sublime windmills like a rare lea.
I shall await dreamily after our becoming stars.
I rest nearly below your capricious leaves.
The sun whispers , your silhouettes remember the Neptune.
The forests have feather 's pastoral bower.
I will ponder tomorrow behind my Spring dew drops.
I will not await me yesterday.
My constellation perfumes blissfully yet easily amid the legs behind my burning silhouettes.


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