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My thoughts running wild

Updated on August 27, 2009

Thinking out of the box

 Various Realities

insanity in pure form...

is natural ability,

down right God given talent.

to act on ones' deepest darkest impulses-instincts is



Raw energy

uncontrolled rage

madness unleashed-

like running through a downpour or seeing things in shades of


How nice!

For others who think and those who don't, finding it too much trouble

yet that is what we have right here.   

And no one sees.

Blindness is bliss to some a necessity for others

stumbling through darkness

feeling for objects-others to hold on to... 

pure insanity.


Trust is non-existent

love emerges from passions' pretense.

Lust removed from the flesh-unforgiving

it remembers everything

from midnight's' embrace to daybreak's' realities in their various forms.


Have we met before? Someplace else?

Another life perhaps-oh sure, mystical madness.

The lies hiding behind the words wafting through the air hanging like smoke

stinging eyes opened at last to fresh air.


Flesh entwined in flesh

in dimmed lights, becomes something

some demon trapped in passions' jaws.

Lust doomed, love lost-denied somehow, where

between the first grasp and the final gasp

orgasm found commitment achieved-dodged once again

in that all too-often-sure-to-follow escape plan.

Stranded again...

Saturday night demanding action

where does it begin?

The rules with no reason, the laws unwritten  yet

insanity reigns pure.


Alternating truths, above and below the belt

naked realities in varied positions, lie exhausted from the

pursuit in the moment after bed.

Rumpled words tossed about haphazardly-

in the absence of meaningful touch

the moment exposed-what now?


Best to just reach for a cigarette

let whatever we thought this could be drift deeper in our lungs

become transparent and disappear.

Not unlike this you then I that tried to weave its way to we.


Sex is too fragile to hold such weight

yet a good ... can make you forget certain elements of basic


just give me the credits.


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