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My three Dragon men a trilogy of Love Respect and Dedication

Updated on June 24, 2011

This trilogy of
Love Respect and Dedication
is for my three Dragon men
one of each generation

All three Dragons
unique in their kind
and for them I leave
these special words behind


I love you Sid

My first born child
who is now a man
my right hand and confidant
the one who’s always there

Always there
in times of need
his motivations
just indeed

How proud you make me
oh son of mine
you truly are
a gift divine

The things you say
and the things you do
make me feel blessed
and grateful too

I love you Sid
I love you my boy
you lighten up
my world with joy

My blessings and prayers
go out to you
may you always be safe
with whatever you do


My Jem so True

Questions unasked
were answered by you
you pointed out
what I have to do

The one who told me
the woman I am
the one that taught me
and guided me well

And even though
on the other side
I feel your presence
standing by

Your stay in this plane
was short indeed
but still you give me
the answers I need

Questions unasked
still answered by you
my teacher my friend
my Jem so true


Like an Eastern star

Starting to see
who you really are
your light that shines
like an Eastern star

Your pureness touches
my very soul
your goodness embraces
my very whole

Your love encompasses
all that is good
and without your love
I would never have understood

The essence of love
in its purest form
the one that sooths
during the storm

For that I thank you
my sweetest love
the man I’ve always
been dreaming of



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