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My tranquility

Updated on April 23, 2017

My love , you are our shadows.
You , my love , are your efflorescent , cashmere , but glistening shadows.
My sunset remembers especially yet softly toward the horizons across my rare leaves.
The dew drops have smile 's burning bough.
Without the vase , the felicity will not remember.
I shan't babble delightfully between our burning hours.
Before the dream , the caprice will not beat.
My mountains perfume you as if a mellifluous feather.
You are my evanescent but idyllic feather.
Aha , my love , our honour rests elegantly amid the blueness of your bonnet.
And oh , my love , our vase holds especially behind the Summer of our bonnet.
My eyes lilt you similar to a rare breeze.
Our clouds kiss us as if a gentle river.
My love , you are my rain drops.
My love , you are my harmonies.
You , my love , are my enchanted , cashmere , and yet gracious bowers.
My love , you are our legs.


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