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Poem: My Encouragement!

Updated on December 30, 2011

My Encouragement!

Do your best

at all times

Or do yourself

a favor

By doing nothing

at all

For ones sanity

his peace of mind

There is nothing

worse than


you are either out

Or you are in!

Always say

the best that you can

One should only

Feel offended

while being less

of a human

For saying nothing

then having

to find the reason

for saying nothing

while knowing

that one had

plenty to say

For me I say

Come to me

Only when you

are seeking

that which

is good

Come to me

When you

are ready to

face this world

Not when you

are thinking

more about

what if you see.

A this and a that

and only you

knows what

You are looking for

when you are

Not ready!

Come to me

When you are

now grown

When your mommy

and your daddy

Are so proud of you

when they are

extremely happy

and that pride

and happiness

shines bright

visibly showing

Come to me

When the love

you share

with your Parents

Is so strong

and overwhelming

It compels you

to have yourself

call them everyday!


of what you will say

Say thank you!

say I love you!

When you need

To understand

your life

That's what you do

Before you act

the fool

By not thinking

about something

you are about to do.

Come to me

When you are sure

that you need!

My Encouragement!


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    • Sky9106 profile image

      Sky9106 5 years ago from A beautiful place on earth.

      It's great to see you Heavensbound and even greater to be the recipient of , what can only be a God sent you delivered comment to my poem.

      Yes that me is quite significant and those lines are exactly what I have analyzed over my life so far , I don't have to make any resolution any more, just keep going the road that I en visioned quite sometime now, only get even more dedicated.

      I am quite happy that you made such a hearty comment.

      You were missed glad to see you , look forward.


    • heavenbound5511 profile image

      heavenbound5511 5 years ago from Under the shadow of the Almighty God!

      Great poem and this part stands out to me-

      Come to me

      When you

      are ready to

      face this world

      Not when you

      are thinking

      more about

      what if you see.

      This reminds me of God- except God wants us to come to him at all times with or without being made ready to face the world.

      God than with our petitions to Him for help in Jesus name steps in and will calm down the storm- protect you from the fear of not knowing what's next or how to get there- but learning once again- it is only those that Trust in the Lord that will be delivered- those that call and say God is my strong tower.

      The storms and what if's come when the next step is so very important to if you will or will not complete the call God has on your life.

      When all hell breaks loose and all seems so scary- trying to make you doubt your existence- trying to make you believe lies, promising pleasure in some fantasy world- call on God and he will become your reality!

      God cause and make us stand, and strengthen us to not enter into temptation, keep our hearts, don't let them grow cold- let your love overcome all fear- there is none greater than you.In Jesus name.

      We praise you God, we love you God!

      -Thanks for everything!

      God bless you!