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My First Few Days On the website Wikinut

Updated on September 17, 2012

Wikinutis a pay per view website where you can repost content from other sites


Have you ever heard of the site Wikinut before?

Wikinut is a community that is similar to Triond and Hub pages in the fact that you get paid for writing. Wikinut does allow you to reproduce your content from another site as long as you disclose that it’s reproduced in the notes to the moderator. This allows you to double your money for the same content.

Content and site requirements

Each article that is submitted is moderated for accuracy. They require that you are over 18 years old and that you submit factual content. You can get paid three different ways, as a moderator and author and for referring your friends. A Moderator reads other peoples work and checks for accuracy and gives the author suggestions on how to make their article better. The moderator’s are also part of the community.

About Wikinut Payments

Authors receive 50% of the advertising revenue from their Pages in royalties, moderators receive 5% of the advertising revenue in royalties from any Pages that they have reviewed and published, and that have not been subsequently republished by another Moderator. For referral’s you will receive 5% of the advertising revenue in royalties from any Pages that have been written by Authors that are associated with the Referrer. The Referrer will be associated with those Authors' Pages for the life of their publication.

Payments are sent out on a monthly basis by the 10th of the month. The minimum payment is $5.00 and is paid through PayPal. If you don’t have a minimum of $5.00 by the 10th of the month it will be rolled over until the next month.

What I like about Wikinut

One of the things that I really like about Wikinut is their format in writing. It is similar to Hubpages but when it is moderated they give you suggestions on how to make it better. You pick what category you want your article to go into but on one of my articles the moderator felt that it would be better in a different category so he moved it. I really liked the partnership between the moderators and the authors because I felt he had my best interest in mind.

When I first joined, I signed up like you normally would. I had to enter my personal information and also enter my email. You then are sent a confirmation email. This process can take up to two hours. But my confirmation never came. So I went in and requested another confirmation email. Still nothing form Wikinut. I went back into my profile and checked to ensure that everything I had entered was correct. It was. I also checked my spam folder…nothing. So why wasn’t I getting the confirmation?? I sent in an email to Wikinut but no response. I happened to have someone who requested to be a follower so I sent him a message back, thanked him for the follow and told him my situation. He suggested that I contact one of the moderators. So I did. Mark was the moderator that I contacted. He was very friendly and helped me to finally get someone to release my account without the confirmation. So since my account was released I have published 2 pieces. That was just 4 days ago and I already have had 427 views and have made .23. Okay, so this isn’t something I am going to get rich from but I have made more on Wikinut then what I have made on other sites with less time and less views.

Another thing that I thought was really nice is how friendly the community is. I have quickly been able to make friends and they seem very supportive. Of course, just like on the other sites I am on, it pays you to be involved in the community because they support you if you support them. So of course the object is to have as many followers as you can.

Currently they have a contest for the authors to write content on something positive. What I found very nice is I received a personal note asking me to participate from the moderator who helped me get my articles up and running. The contest is run by giving you a list of topics you can choose from and then you write your piece around that topic. There is no pay or award from Wikinut for the winner. You win just the accolades from your followers and the community. The biggest reward is the challenge of writing about a topic you might not otherwise write about. I haven’t decided yet if I will participate in the challenge. I leave in two days for a week to Hershey Pennsylvania and the articles are due by mid-September. So, I don’t feel confident that I can complete a well written piece by then. I still am rather shy about publishing my work. I have written for years but have never let anyone read my writings. I will have to continue to think about it.

I have included the link to Wikinut for any of you that are interested in checking it out or possibly in joining me in the community. Let me know if you do so that I can follow you. Happy Writing!


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    • RhondaHumphreys1 profile image

      Rhonda Humphreys 5 years ago from Michigan

      wrenfrost56, thank you so much for your comments. I do like the community there. My suggestion would be to make sure you read the tos for yourself to make your decision. If you do decide to sign up please let me know so I can follow you.

    • wrenfrost56 profile image

      wrenfrost56 5 years ago from U.K.

      I write for other sites but not wikinut, however you have pretty much sold me from this very useful hub :) I like the idea of writing about topics that you ordinarily would not tackle, as well as getting paid for moderating and getting feedback on how you can improve your article. I may just have to go and check it out. :)

    • RhondaHumphreys1 profile image

      Rhonda Humphreys 5 years ago from Michigan

      Hi MelindaJGH, you are welcome. Obviously everyone has a different opinion and can have a different experience. I'm gladyou appreciated this article. Thanks for stopping by!

    • profile image

      MelindaJGH 5 years ago

      Thanks for your article about Wikinut. It' s thoughtful of you to share other sites for writers.

    • profile image

      Casimiro 5 years ago

      I'd think if you post the same article on that site then Google is going to knock you down in the SE results as duplicate content.

    • RhondaHumphreys1 profile image

      Rhonda Humphreys 5 years ago from Michigan

      you are welcome grand old lady. Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment.

    • grand old lady profile image

      Mona Sabalones Gonzalez 5 years ago from Philippines

      Thank you for this information:) It is good to know I can use my old content on this website:)

    • RhondaHumphreys1 profile image

      Rhonda Humphreys 5 years ago from Michigan

      I understand your point of view Audrey. I wouldn't publish anything that was something that I felt could be published as an ebook or such. I use the site to republish my content from other sites than hubpages.

    • AudreyHowitt profile image

      Audrey Howitt 5 years ago from California

      Interesting--I am not sure I could go with another site that owns my pieces--I did that with Helium and it is difficult.

    • RhondaHumphreys1 profile image

      Rhonda Humphreys 5 years ago from Michigan

      kenyanking, thank you for stopping by and weighing in. I appreciate your comments.

    • kenyanking profile image

      Charles Otis Otieno 5 years ago from Mombasa

      I tied it out but i didnt like it

    • RhondaHumphreys1 profile image

      Rhonda Humphreys 5 years ago from Michigan


      No,you cannot repost hubs but for instance I am also on Triond. I can re post my Triond content on Wikinut as long as I put it on Triond first. Thank you for stopping by. :)

    • melbelle profile image

      melbelle 5 years ago from Southern United States

      This sounds interesting and I am going to check it out. But can we post the same articles on Wikinut that we have on Hubpages? I am thinking they would have to be totally different, or else Hubpages would mark the articles as duplicate. I will check into Wikinut though and make some comparisons. Thanks for the info. :)

    • RhondaHumphreys1 profile image

      Rhonda Humphreys 5 years ago from Michigan

      Hi kristyleann, thank you for stopping by. If you do decide to sign up please let me know so that I can follow you. Thank you also for the link for joanveronica.

    • kristyleann profile image

      Kristy LeAnn 5 years ago from Princeton, WV

      This is interesting. I am always looking for ways to make extra money online and I really like that they have a low cashout. (Makes it easier to determine if something is a scam, worth your time, etc.) I think I'll check this site out soon and see what I think. :)

      joanveronica - Sorry to hear you've had such a bad time with them. I don't know if this will be of any help to you but you might want to try to get your articles deindexed (is that a word? lol) from google using this it won't get them taken off the site but you might be able to get them removed from google's search results.

    • RhondaHumphreys1 profile image

      Rhonda Humphreys 5 years ago from Michigan

      Hi again Joan,

      Oh no problem at all. I just wrote on my experience I had with wikinut. So far I have nothing bad to say. But like I said I have only been on the sight for 4 weeks. So I guess time will tell.

    • joanveronica profile image

      Joan Veronica Robertson 5 years ago from Concepcion, Chile

      Hi, it's me again, sorry to be so insistent. I did not delete my account, it's still there, registering zeros. I did have some money on the account, initially. I did delete each section of my article. The article is still on the web. If you go into Google and search for "joan veronica on Wikinut", you will come up with "Life is a series of events, linked in strange ways." which is my article, it's still there, intact.

      I have read about people who have received money from Wikinut, it doesn't seem to be a complete scam. But I personally would prefer a more straightforward relationship. The rest is a personal decision, I just wanted to provide all the information I had, wouldn't have felt honest if I hadn't. I wish you the best of future luck with your writing!

    • RhondaHumphreys1 profile image

      Rhonda Humphreys 5 years ago from Michigan

      Author Cheryl, You are right. I write for the enjoyment of writing. I don't feel I am near the level I would need to be to be a published author. I truly can understand that as a published author not wanting someone else to have the rights to your work.


      Could you have possibly deleted your account and this is possibly where you money went? I did go in and look to see how to delete an article.There is a delete button above each section on my article.

    • joanveronica profile image

      Joan Veronica Robertson 5 years ago from Concepcion, Chile

      Hi, me again. You are right, the TOS do say we have ownership. But it also says: ... you agree WE (wikinut) own all right, title and interest in any compilation, collective work or other derivative work created by US using or incorporating the Material.

      Also:..... you waive all rights to inspect and approve use of the Material.

      Also: (the author) grant..... permanent, irrevocable, perpetual right and license to: Modify, reformat, adapt, translate and create derivative works,....etc., etc.

      This didn't sound too healthy to me, so I asked for clarification. And the rest you know! I especially got nervous about the "translate" bit. If anybody is going to translate, I think that should be me!

      About paying out, I know there is a minimum, there always is, but the money disappeared from my account, vanished, not there!

    • Author Cheryl profile image

      Cheryl A Whitsett 5 years ago from Jacksonville, Fl

      The problem with all these sites is that they are making money off of your work. I have a real issue with that. Even if they are paying me they can publish it else where without your permission to do so. As a published and established author I say this: If you want to make money and don't care about what they do with your writing then do it. I for one want my writing to be mine and mine alone and be paid not by a small amount by page views. I never even completed my application here on hubpages. I do not feel that anyone who really wants to have a writing career should let another company publish their work and use it to make themselves money off of. Your writing belongs to you and you only. If you have to wait for 5 dollars to get paid then that is a real shame. Just like here you have to wait to reach 50 dollars. Work for a reputable online newpaper that let's you keep your work yours. If you don't care then go for it. I care who has the rights to my work very much.

    • RhondaHumphreys1 profile image

      Rhonda Humphreys 5 years ago from Michigan

      Hi Joan,

      It doesn't sound like you had a good experience with wikinut. I have only been on the site for about 4 months. I went back and reread the tos and under Proprietary rights and grant of licence it states

      "We do not claim ownership of your Material. Any Material will be owned by you or the third party who authorised you to publish and use the Material. "

      Have you tried to delete each section of your piece that is on wikinut?? You do have to have $5.00 before they will pay out.

    • joanveronica profile image

      Joan Veronica Robertson 5 years ago from Concepcion, Chile

      Hi there, I am registered at Wikinut, and I actually wrote an article and got it published. I'm sorry to be rather negative, but I will not be going back. My problem was as follows. I reread the TOS, and discovered some paragraphs that say that Wikinut becomes the owner of your articles and reserves the right to use them at their discretion. This is the only one of the many sites that receive articles, that I have seen with this clause. Furthermore, my article was up and running within about 30 minutes, including a very bad error I had made in formatting, due to my own lack of expertise. In fact, I did the correcting, nobody ever sent me any advice. But a moderator appeared on my article, and he never answered my questions. (A really easy way to make some money off my work!) Up to that point I had received weekly newsletters, great! I started asking about the clause in the TOS, would they please clarify. No answer. I insisted, I became very insistent over a period of several weeks, and what happened was that the weekly letters stopped completely. I went back to try and eliminate my one article. I eddited and removed every paragraph. leaving only blank pages. The article is still appearing with every paragraph intact. There is no way I can find to delete, not like Hubpages, where this process is simple and forthright. The result is that I can't use this material on Hubpages, where it will be called duplicate, I never got anything out of Wikinut, because the few pence that had appeared in my account also vanished. So check out the site by all means, but be sure you will not have these problems, like I did!

    • RhondaHumphreys1 profile image

      Rhonda Humphreys 5 years ago from Michigan

      MazioCreate, If you do check it out be sure to follow me so that I can do the same for you.

      dwachira One of the problems I always have when writing something new is figuring out where to put my articles. so it is really nice that they will move it into a category that will get you more traffic. It also is nice because you have an actual person you can personally ask questions to. Thank you for stopping by

      Paul Kuehn-Thank you Paul. If you do let me know so I can follow you.

      SkeetyD-Drop me a note if you do so I can follow you. Thank you for stopping by

    • profile image

      SkeetyD 5 years ago

      Great hub! I just might check it out

    • Paul Kuehn profile image

      Paul Richard Kuehn 5 years ago from Udorn City, Thailand

      Thanks for the information, Rhonda. I didn't know this website existed and I will check it. Voted up and sharing.

    • dwachira profile image

      [ Danson Wachira ] 5 years ago from Nairobi, Kenya

      This sound like a good site worthy checking, i like the idea of having the moderators suggest how to improve the article especially on category. I will check it out straight away, thanks. Voted up and useful.

    • MazioCreate profile image

      MazioCreate 5 years ago from Brisbane Queensland Australia

      Thanks Rhonda for this info. It looks like an interesting site and I'm definitely going to check it out. Liked & shared!


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