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My Nation's Hate

Updated on October 7, 2014

These profound statements may get under a few skins but please keep an open mind and realize this is just my opinion.

An assessment from one that has been around for some years and have identified all colors of blood, sweat and tears.

I'm sitting here pondering on where rather than when I should begin but no matter when this line starts it's hard to envision the end.

My nation...

I'm speaking to those specifically the same hue as my complexion.

Comparatively light or dark skinned.

We are at an on going blood shedding conflict with each other.

Those that we call our sisters and brothers.

With no scrutiny on how it affects our prominent fathers and mothers.

Absalom Jones, Langston Hughes, to Dr. Martin Luther King...

Elizabeth Keckley, Harriet Tubman to Rosa Parks...

To think, that's only to name a few out of thousands that made their mark.

Decades of chains,whips, to picking cash crops.

The exhaustion over cotton gins.

To the degrading of our men.

To being forced to endure and become spectators to the raping of our women.

Over 200 years since slavery has been abolished.

Near a 149 years since slavery has ended.

Yet America's greed still profit off of our pain on the theater to our flat screens.

This agony we wish to the past but we support this cash cow giving it the opportunity to last.

The Help, Django Unchained, 12 Years a Slave.

Tell me something.

Do you ever think we will get pass those days?

I have many ideas and how.

Black on Black crime coming to a closure is a start but where should I begin because no matter when this line starts it's hard to envision the end.

This race war.

Not technically against others when there is lack of peace within.


We were the first to sale our brothers and sisters to the Oyibo men.

But we're quick to point fingers at those we assume created our nation's destruction.

I'm not placing a request for a Kumbayah or a holding of hands.

Just a simple gathering of our nation to make a stand.

Tell me...

Whatever happened to the March of a Million Men?

Yet any type of movement to support our color besides when there is a beating or murder of our young brothers.

Even then it becomes questionable because our now prominent elders seem to be government placed black activist doing it for a profit rather than to support others.

Jesse Jackson $10 million, Al Sharpton $5 million...

Always asking for donations but where are your contributions besides your mouth to the cause?

Pawns in America's game of chess.

It's all about a quick dollar then “holla” because you'll never hear or see them again.

But again...

Excuse these profound statements because they may get under a few skins but please keep an open mind and realize this is just my opinion.

But for now I'll opt out of that topic because I'm sitting here pondering on where rather than when I should begin but no matter when this line starts it's hard to envision the end.

My Nation, it's time to support each other and put this hate to a end.

Before it becomes the resolution to our end.

NoV'eD the Novelist

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    • sam209 profile image


      4 years ago

      Let it all out my man!


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