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My fiction - My friend, Alexa

Updated on June 29, 2017
This is another fiction I write. I just want to verify that I never had any friend called Alexa, this story is merely written for people who has a life like Alexa's, to tell them: even though I do not know who you are, believe me, I care for you.


I have a friend called Alexa. I never knew her last name, maybe I just don’t remember. Or maybe she has no last name at all.

We met years ago, when we were in the same class in senior high school. She didn’t talk much. She looks unfriendly, and kept a distance to everyone.

Alexa’s mom died a couple of months after me and her got to know each other. Three years later, we were best friends, and her dad was married again. I know that the marriage broke her heart. But she smiled and told me that men have their needs. I never know what she meant by that. Just eight months after the wedding, Alexa got a new baby sister. We never figure out the math.

She had one boyfriend twice. Once was when she was in grade 8 and the other was when she was in senior high. Same guy in both. She is the one who called off the relationship in both. She tells me that she loves that guy, and precisely because of that she has to let him go. And she never had a boyfriend since. She said jokingly that she had vowed celibacy, but I know it is not a matter to be kid about. She is hurting herself. No, more than that, she is punishing herself. Punishing herself for crimes she never actually done, for mistakes that are not really existed.

Her ex-boyfriend was one of those mistakes. He hates her because of the break-up. But he is a jerk; he never tried to understand Alexa and all the things she’s going through. He never knew how much she loves him, and never knew how many nights she wasted to cry over him. But I know, even though she never told me. I noticed how she came to school in many mornings with swollen eyes.

She should have realized that that guy is not worth her single tear. A couple of months after their first separation, that guy already went out with a new girl. He did the same in their second separation.

Alexa has a very good sense of humour. But behind her sweet laugh and cute smile, I can see in her eyes the tears she never shed in front of me or anyone else.

There was one day she told me that her father was furious the night before because he found out about her ex-boyfriend. And she laughingly told me that her father called her a bitch. I didn’t find it funny though.

In the weekend of our graduation, she didn’t come to the sleep over we held to celebrate the graduation. She told me that her father wouldn’t let her go. I called her at dawn, that’s how I found out she spent the night crying in her room.

Every time I remember her, I pray to God to send someone to save her, because I couldn’t. But I’m not sure if it will be granted. Alexa used to tell me that God is too busy to listen to prayers from people like us. Sometimes, I simply cannot deny it.

Now I go to college in different country. I haven’t heard from her. I really wish we will meet again soon. Alexa, wherever you are, if you think that nobody care about you or love you, somebody always does – me.


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