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My fiction - Draco Malfoy

Updated on July 1, 2013
This is the love story I write about Draco Malfoy (a character of "Harry Potter" written by JK Rowling) and Valinka Halliwel (a character I totally made up). Please be patient as this story is not finish yet.

"We need to talk" It was lunch time, Draco suddenly shows up in front of Valinka who is talking with her friends at the Great Hall. Valinka looks up to Draco with surprise, "yeah, sure..", then to her friends, "I'll see you guys later, ok?" "Okay.." answer one of her friends with puzzlement and curiosity.

Valinka then stands up and walks beside Draco. They walk out of the Great Hall and head to the lake. The afternoon sky is clear and warm.

"What is it?" asks Valinka.

"I want to apologize about yesterday. Pansy has gone too far, but I promise you it will never happen again."

"No, it's okay."

"And.. I was wondering if you'll go to Yule Ball with me."


"No, Valinka, listen.."

"Draco, we've been through this.."

"No, we haven't. Each time you just walk away.."

"What are you scared of?"

"A lot of things", Valinka hesitates but then says in quiet voice, "I'm scared that, if I love you back, if I allow myself to love you.. And then one day I love you too much..but then you leave me."

"No, I won't. You know I won't hurt you.."

Valinka smiles and looks into Draco's eyes with her big light-brown eyes, "Everybody says that, but in the end.." Valinka stops. Draco then says, "I'll try my best not to hurt you. I'll do my best not to hurt you."

Valinka shakes her head "It's not just that, your father.."

Valinka is a mixed blood, something which is despised by Lucius Malfoy. One thing Lucius Malfoy do not know is, Valinka is not muggle-witch mixed blood, she is a Whitelighter-pureblood witch mixed blood.

"Don't worry about my father. As long as we both love each other, my father is not a problem.

"But..." Draco grasps Valinka's hands and holds them in front of his chest.

"Don't think about anything else. Think about what you really want"

Looking deep into eyes of the boy she loves so dearly, tears starting to fill Valinka's eyes. "I want to be with you"


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