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Mystery In 'The Listeners' By Walter De La Mare

Updated on September 11, 2014

The mystery begins when a traveler beat on the moonlight door of an empty and desolate castle.The character of the traveler itself is an enigma since we are not aware of his identity.Setting his horse aside to champ the grass,he was desperate to move ahead into the castle.The bird moving out of the turret creates an eerie atmosphere.

While the traveler smote upon the door for the second time, no one peeped from the leaf fringed windowsill to answer his query or to look into his nonplussed eyes.Instead of any human being,a group of phantoms dwelt within the precincts of that abandoned castle.

The 'phantom listeners' stood huddled on the dark stairs faintly lit by moonlight.The are named as 'listeners' as they are powerless and can do nothing but only listen to the visitor's loud knocking on the door lit by moonlight.The spirits were terribly upset at the commotion that came from the world of men.

Within the heart's core,the visitor could feel the presence of the ghosts somewhere within the colossal manor house.Since the phantoms answered with their stillness; feeling frustrated he knocked even louder than before.Addressing the spirits,he told that he had kept his promise of coming at the appointed time.The listeners did not make even the slightest movement although each and every word that the traveler uttered was reverberated through the dark passages of the house.The listeners heard his footstep upon the stirrup and the gallop of his horse.

"Silence surged softly backward,

When the the plunging hooves were gone."


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    • profile image

      Jubin Thapa 2 years ago

      It's a great help for me.but what message is Walter De La Mare trying to give in his poem 'THE LISTENERS'?

    • profile image

      anonymous 2 years ago

      this helped me a lot tyvm

    • profile image

      hamna 2 years ago

      Thank you sir/mam :-)