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Mystical Moldova

Updated on October 28, 2014


Dear reader, I welcome you to the start of the series and wish you will leave with a better knowledge of this wonderful land in addition to the fair amount of history you will encounter.

Moldova was a romanian medieval state from 1285 to 1859 and as with any medieval entity it is full of stories,legends and charm.

The medieval Moldova.
The medieval Moldova. | Source
All of moldova inside Romania.(interbellic period)
All of moldova inside Romania.(interbellic period)
The eastern part of Moldova is now a separate country .This country exists only as sham but we will discuss this in a future article.
The eastern part of Moldova is now a separate country .This country exists only as sham but we will discuss this in a future article.


The formation of this romanian medieval entitiy was retold through popular legends and stories.Before the 13th century,romanian states did not exist and as such written accounts are rare but we do know that romanians also lived in Transylvania.This is very important to the political context since a kulturkampf happened in most of the last millenia.Anyway,the formation of Moldova is intertwined with Wallachia's formation and Transylvanian romanians.

This is all of Transylvania.It is said romanian "descalicat"(went down) from here.
This is all of Transylvania.It is said romanian "descalicat"(went down) from here.

The Legend

Once upon a time there was a voivode(ruler) named Dragos who lived in that part of Romania named Maramures(region inside Transylvania).He was hard-working and a skillful ruler but also a master hunter.He really enjoyed hunting bison , bears, deer, wild boars and wolves .

It is said that while he was out hunting,he had heard that his brothers,the Romanians east of the Carpathian Mountains,on the valley of the Siret and Prut rivers, were in trouble.The suffered a lot from being raided and killed by the Tatars.The tatars were ,back then,a people who lived only from plundering and stealing.It was known that they were master horsemen.They hit fast as the wind and they had curved swords named "iatagan" in addition to the swarm of arrows flying from their bows.Their leader was named han-tatar.

With his brave men from Maramures,Dragos traversed the mountains to help in the fight against the tatars.During their journey through the mountains,a bison appeared in their way.It was bigger than a bull and it had a wide neck with long black hair,large nostrils,a fierce look with spiky horns.

The first to sense it was Dragos' doggy ,named Molda.And after feeling it's presence it ran after and barked loudly.As fierce as it was that bison,Dragos still hit it with arrows and pierced it with spear.Wounded and bloody that beast had somehow ran away deep into the forest.It could event cross a big river and as such Molda was chasing it hard.But as the river was deep and had fast waves the poor doggy drowned.

On horseback,Dragos and his men crossed the river and finally killed the bison.Very much joy did this bring to Dragos but he was sadded that his dog died.In her memory ,the river was named MOLDOVA.

Then Dragos travelled further and helped the romanians of this land to drive out the evil-doers.When he was back from the fight victorious,the romanians picked him as a voivode and invited him to rule this part of the land which they also called Moldova as the river.

Dragos on horseback chasing after the bison.
Dragos on horseback chasing after the bison.

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History of Moldova


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    • profile image


      4 years ago

      Moldova is quite interesting too bad it's so poor....

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      It was for a brief time a hungarian vassal and after that it was polish vassal

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      But wasn't moldova a hungarian vassal?

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      Interesting but what happened to Dragos?

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      beautyful land


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