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5 Myths About Fan Fiction

Updated on August 13, 2015

Fan Fiction is Disrespectful to Canon

Some authors encourage fan fiction and approve of it like J. K. Rowling and Suzan Hinton, while others like George R. R. Martin do not. Some authors even write fan fiction themselves, yes about their own work too. Fan fiction does not take away anything from the source material. It adds to it. It doesn't have any effect on the canon but fans who want to go beyond that like to explore fan fiction.

Fan Fiction is for Stupid Fangirls with No Life

Like mentioned above; some published authors even write fan fiction. Fan fiction is for everyone. I have over the years of reading fan fiction read stories written by teenage girls, published authors, mothers and fathers, college students and even some grandparents. Fan fiction is for everyone. And anyone who is a frequent reader of fan fiction knows that those who write fan fiction do in fact have lives, so busy lives in fact that it can take them years to update a story.

Only Bad Writers Write Fan Fiction

I will say it again; even published authors write fan fiction. Though some of the fan fiction out there is pretty bad, I'll admit. But the same goes for published literature, some of it is pretty awful. But a lot of it is pretty good as well. You have to know where to look. is the most popular platform for fan fiction and its guidelines aren't very strict and it is not known to have the highest amount of quality content but there is a lot of great stuff on there too. But if you want quality content the best place to look is Archive Of Our Own or AO3 as it's also called. Wattpad is another site for both fan fiction and original fiction.

Anyway, to suggest that fan fiction is only for writers who weren't good enough to publish their own work is incorrect. Writing fan fiction is for many a hobby and nothing but a hobby. A person writing fan fiction does not necessarily have the desire to become a published author. Sometimes all they want is to explore the fictional world of their favorite authors and rewrite the stories the way they would have told them. And for those who do dream of publishing their own novels some day, fan fiction is great practice. It is not just a great way to practice and improve one's writing but also an excellent way for non-English-speakers to practice and improve their English. This applies to other languages too.

You Can't Make Money from Writing Fan Fiction

Have you heard of Fifty Shades of Grey? That was originally a Twilight fan fiction. Not it is a best-selling series with its own movie as well. Of course to make it publishable the names of places, characters and so on had to be changed in order to be able to legally publish it but it can be done. Have you heard of the Broadway musical Wicked? That one is based off The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. And let's not forget the extremely popular trend that Dreamworks started with Shrek. Rewriting and modernizing classic fairytales. That could be considered fan fiction as well. So yes, you can earn money from writing fan fiction.

Fan Fiction is All Gay Couples and Sex

That is like saying every romance novel is like Fifty Shades of Grey. Not all stories on includes the author's favorite couple having sex that is described in every detail. And not all romantic couples in fan fiction are gay. There are just as many different kinds of fan fiction as there are original published novels. Check out The Many Types Of Fan Fiction for more specific info.

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