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Myths of a Beginning

Updated on April 24, 2016

Today many people have their own beliefs, ideas and even feelings about the world. Usually these things stem from some kind of information received. Although mainstream opinion is that life is a biological accident, the many religions, cults and spiritualists around clearly shows not everyone agrees with that. Out of the questions humanity has asked and sought to answer, creation is without a doubt the biggest. Was the world created? And if so who created it?

Different answers all through out history have been given for these big questions, and even today people are creating their own answers. But until difinative proof emerges to these oldest of questions, all answers remain in the realms of theory. Most of these theories now reside in the worlds different myths and legends or spiritualistic philosophies but also in the worlds religions.

Creationism really is a huge subject, looked at by many people from many different times. Scientist today have their own creation story the big bang, the world is one biological accident. In the great scheme of time science is the newest version, as god in one form or another has stood the test of time, through the mysteries and the histories.

Norse Creation Myth

These days when it comes to gods and creation, there are a few which most people have heard of. The Christian god, named mainly just as the lord god is very well known. As is Allah the Islamic god. Though there are many other ideas around that many would argue, are far from being forgotten. Like the ideas the Normans brought with them, or the Northmen also known as the Norse men. Better yet known to the world as the Vikings. These pirates were an unstoppable Scandanavian force of power, attacking all over and moving in bringing with them their Norse religion. And these ideas follow right through to today, it is said the massive Lord of the Rings movies were based on Norse myths and it has found it's way into many other modern productions too

Norse myths themselves are said to have actually came from the ancestors of the Vikings, who lived during the bronze age. They said that in the beginning there was an emptiness named Ginnungagap. A fiery land named Muspelheim and a freezing one Niflheim. The fiery land started to melt the other, Ymir the first being then emerges from the dripping water. He was a wicked frost giant, which created from his sweat even more frost giants. Next Audhumla emerged from the icey waters, a cow who licked Buri a male being into existence from the ice. Buri's grandchildren would become the first three Norse gods, Norse's holy trinity if you like. Odin, Vili and Ve.

These three gods emerge and take over, attacking and killing Ymir and throwing his body into Ginnungagap. It is said from Ymir's body came our world, from the brains too the earth, air, seas and mountains. All was created. The dwarves came first from maggots in Ymir's flesh. Norse myth says Odin, Vili and Ve created the first man. Ask was made from an Ash tree and Embla, the first woman from an elm tree.


That is just Norse myth one of many creation myths around the world. So far it is the middle east which holds the record for the oldest mythologies, in Enuma Elish the Sumerian creation tale. This was found in Nineveh in 1845, written on seven clay tablets in a language known as cuneiform. The start of this creation story starts with one of the most powerful elements around and in us, water. The salt waters mother Tiamat, and sweet waters father Apsu and their son Mummu. Again we have the trinity. The waters gave birth to gods who rebelled, and overthrew Apsu and Mummu.

Kingu the god lead Tiamat in to battle, but they too were also conquered by the god Marduk. He won in a battle of powerful magic. It was said Marduk could hear and see everything, thanks to his four eyes and four ears. It was said he had fire from his mouth and haloes around his head. Tiamat's body was then it is said was turned into the earth and sky. The myth goes humans came from King Kungu's blood.

Egyptian Mythology

In the beginning the universe was full of dark waters. The first god was Ra, the god of the sun and light. A lotus flower appeared on Nun the waters of chaos and unfurled its petals revealing Ra. Who it is said then created the world and everything that is in it. Ra created from his spittle two gods, Shu the god of air and Tefnut the goddess of water. When Ra lost and then refound these two gods, it is said his tears of joy created humans. When Shu and Tefnut had two children, the world was created. Geb the earth god and Nut the sky goddess.

More Creation Myths

Some people argue Christianity and its version of the worlds creation in seven days, is the only valid creation tale. But as you can see, it is certainly not the only one around. They are endless. Like ancient Celtic beliefs, that Ireland was here at the start of time and covering the whole wide world. India is a perfect example, as India mythology blends in conjunction with Hindu religion.

The original inhabitants of India, thought to be simple farmers. Thought Prithivi the earth and Dyaus the sky were the parents of all gods and humans. These were then said to have been invaded by a warrior raced named the Aryans. They believed a god named Varuna, created the world by picturing it in his eye which was also the sun. Ancient Chinese myths tell of a dwarf like character named Panku, emerging from an egg. Bringing with him two lots of chaos. Negative and positive, this is where the idea of Yin and Yang comes from.

The list goes on and on, some of these ancient myths if not all still find their way into our modern cultures. Every people from the start of time have had there own ideas about the creation of the world. The modern world has now adapted its own methods for the investigation of these kinds of questions, with the use of new technology. Although their facts and theories are not concrete, which is why modern science often falls short when the bigger questions are asked. Which is why I would suggest, these more ancient of theories still hold strong sway in our world today.


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