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My time has run short today

Updated on May 26, 2014

My time has run short today

Should this be the end of me today, right now, at this moment , at this heart beat, at this thought.

I am just as true and alive as the sun pours its beams of light on me, i wonder how do I borrow the happiness of the sun, the light, your path of beauty covers ever so mass

but yet I have my light to shine through my cloud of hot air, to vent a passage to breathe a life of joy,

Today should I say my last words to you, with what little strength I have left, to bare another second with you, to see the changes in all around me, to experience life,

is it worth living a minute more, My life seems to fade with sad memories, my kings seem to deflate with sorrow, my breathing is shallow, and I have no more time today,

the end is here, is now.


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